How to do PTE Describe Image

In the PTE Describe Image task, an image appears on screen, and you need to describe the image in detail. You have 25 seconds to study the image and prepare your response. After you hear a short tone, you’ll need to speak into the microphone. Time to answer is 40 seconds.

This task is scored on content, oral fluency and pronunciation.

  • Content:
    Mention as many keywords as you can see on the screen. The common elements you can talk about are max, min, numbers, percentages, colours, shapes, etc.
    Also, a conclusion is essential because it’s in the marking criteria.
  • Oral fluency:
    You need to speak at a natural to fast rate without unnecessary pauses or hesitations. In the past, we have seen students speak really fast when they do Describe Image. If you speak too fast, the computer may not catch your content properly.
  • Pronunciation:
    Pronunciation is scored by determining if your speech is easily understandable to most regular speakers of the language. Therefore, try to say the keywords clearly and correctly in order for the computer to catch you better.

Frequently Asked Questions for PTE Describe Image

Q1.For how long should I speak?
Try to speak for 35 to 38 secs (till almost the end).

Q2.Can I say ‘on the screen, I can see this and that’?
As long as you have enough keywords, then that’s fine. If you have many good keywords to mention, you might want to reduce the template a bit.

Q3.I don’t have a conclusion in the end, is that okay?
No, you have to have a conclusion in the end as it’s in the marking criteria.

Q4.My mind suddenly goes blank, and I don’t know what to say. What should I do?
That’s when the erasable notepad comes into play. During the 25 secs of preparation time, you can quickly write down some notes for difficult pictures.
You can also say some template ‘according to the picture’. While you’re saying the template, quickly look at the image and figure out what you need to say. The point here is that you need to maintain a good fluency.

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