PTE Core Describe Image: Tips to Get High Scores

pte core describe image

The images in the PTE Core Describe Image task can be challenging, as some test-takers find it difficult to describe them accurately in under one minute.

If you are one of them, this blog is for you.

In this blog, PTE Magic explains the test’s format, scoring system, and common difficulties, along with our helpful tips and tricks to help you excel in your exam.

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Key Takeaways

  • The PTE Core Describe Image task evaluates your speaking and observation skills.
  • Your speaking content, pronunciation, and fluency will determine your score. 
  • Having a planned strategy and practising frequently help you achieve higher scores in this section. The information below will help you master these tips faster.


PTE Core Describe Image Format

pte core describe image

Test-takers will see an image in this task and be asked to describe it. The task focuses on evaluating your speaking and observation skills.

Pearson gives you 25 seconds to skim the image and prepare. The countdown will appear on the recording status box. Once it ends, the microphone will open, and you will hear a short tone. This is the sign to start speaking immediately. Remember, speaking before the microphone opens means your voice won’t be recorded.

Your speaking time will be 40 seconds. When the progress bar ends, the status will change from “Recording” to “Completed“. Test-takers only have one chance to record their speeches, so ensure you finish in time.

How is the PTE Core Describe Image Scored?

Your speaking content, pronunciation, and fluency will determine your PTE Core Describe Image score. 

  • Content: How well you cover all the ideas in the image can greatly benefit your score. It shows you can discuss any relationships, implications or conclusions from the image. Test-takers will get the highest score when they can cover all the aspects of the image with a logical explanation.
  • Pronunciation: If native speakers easily understand your speech, your pronunciation is good. Correct stress and precise pronunciation of vowels and consonants will bring you a high PTE Core speaking score. 
  • Fluency: Pacing, rhythm, and phrasing play important roles in your speech. The highest scores belong to test-takers having a consistent and natural pace. In contrast, your score will be lower if you pause too much or struggle to start.

Difficulties in the Describe Image Task

4. pte-core-describe-image-tips

PTE Core Describe Image is among the medium-difficult tasks in the PTE Core test. One of the hardest aspects of this section is the time limit. Test-takers only have seconds to skim an image and prepare their answer, which can lead to messy answers if they fail to finish in time.

Another challenge is figuring out which details to mention in your speech. This confusion can lead to unfocused answers, which can cause key points to be missed. Additionally, for those who are weak in vocabulary, searching for the right words can cause many pauses and mistakes.

Last, anxiety and pressure can worsen these problems. Lack of confidence in this task can lead to repetition, stuttering, and speaking too quickly, resulting in low speaking scores.

PTE Core Describe Image Tips

So, how can you prevent difficulties affecting your PTE Core Describe Image score? Having a planned strategy and practising frequently is our answer. Below are the simplified steps needed for this section:

  • Skim the image carefully
  • Note down the main ideas or important features of the image
  • Create a structured outline for your answer
  •  Start your speech using clear language

To describe an image effectively, you should create an outline with these basic criteria: overview, main ideas, and summary. This structure organises your speech, making it easy to follow.

Moreover, test-takers should use clear language while focusing on demonstrating the main ideas. Accordingly, your speech would convey ideas better, making your answer more impactful and straight to the point.

To master these tips faster, enrol in PTE Magic courses. Our detailed review materials and well-structured courses provided by professionals can boost your PTE score. Plus, our many proven tips have helped former students reach their 90 PTE. So, see for yourself today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Images Do You Describe in a PTE Core Test?

The exact number of images in a PTE Core test varies from test to test. For the latest information, see the official Pearson PTE website guidelines.

How To Control Timing in This Task?

The time limit is a big challenge in this task, therefore, learning how to manage your time is crucial. As mentioned above, you have 25 seconds to look at the image and prepare your answer. After that, Pearson gives you 40 seconds to demonstrate your response. 

To control timing effectively, taking notes and preparing an outline in your first 25 seconds will help you use the next 40 seconds smoothly and confidently.

How Do I Describe An Image in This Task Effectively?

Practice with various types of images can help you become more flexible in this task. We recommend practising with image types such as maps, tables, pie charts, and bar graphs, as these are the most frequently asked questions in the test. 

Wrap Up

Overall, the PTE Core Describe Image section is considered a medium-hard task in the test. However, test-takers can successfully solve this question with practice and an effective approach. By following PTE Magic courses, your goal PTE score is closer than ever. Check us out today!

Last updated on 28/06/2024

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