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pte core personal introduction

The Personal Introduction section is your first step to begin your PTE Core Speaking test. If you are not prepared well, you might not perform well in this part, which could lead to a failed start and might affect the rest of your speaking test.

Bellow, PTE Magic will show you the detailed format of this section, along with helpful tips and samples to help you identify what needs to be prepared.

Key Takeaways

  • The PTE Core Personal Introduction will be the first part you encounter once you start your PTE Core speaking test.
  • Test-takers will have 25 seconds to read the questions and prepare their answers. After that, you will be given 30 seconds to record your response.
  • See below for some tips for improving your PTE Core personal introduction.

What is PTE Core Personal Introduction?

2. pte-core-personal-introduction

You must give out information about yourself in several sentences in the PTE Core Personal Introduction.

The PTE Core Personal Introduction will be the first part you encounter once you start your PTE Core speaking test. In this section, you must explain yourself in several sentences. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, as the screen will show you some sample questions based on your suggestion.

If you performed well on this part, here’s what you can get:

  • This will be your chance to get used to the technology of the test and prepare for the following questions.
  • You will make a good first impression on the officer overseeing your document application.
  • It will be your energy boost if you have a great start. You will feel more comfortable with the test environment.
  • This could add a personal touch to your PTE Core test since you can share personal information about yourself.

PTE Core Personal Introduction Format

While this section brings many benefits, it does not count in your overall PTE Core score. The main purpose of this part is to familiarise test-takers with the test.

You will encounter these topics for your introduction:

  • Your name, age, living location
  • Your highest education
  • Your interests, future goals
  • Why do you study English
  • Why did you take the PTE test

Test-takers will have 25 seconds to read the questions and prepare their answers. After that, you will be given 30 seconds to record your response. Even though this part is not included in your PTE Core scores, the mechanism applied for this section is similar to other PTE Core speaking tasks: You will only have one chance to record and answer your response.

PTE Core Personal Introduction Tips

3. pte-core-personal-introduction-tips

You should start your introduction with a natural flow and logical order.

Here are some of the top tips for improving your PTE Core personal introduction:

Practice Frequently

Practice is not always perfect, but it makes you better than yesterday. To improve your confidence, we recommend practising introducing yourself at home, in front of a mirror. 

Also, try recording yourself speaking. You can listen to yourself again and notice any parts you want to improve later on. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the result.

Maintain Your Pace

As with any PTE speaking test, we advise you to avoid pausing your speech for over three seconds. Test-takers should keep their speech consistent and calm throughout their speech. 

Do not rush to finish your speech as fast as possible. Unfortunately, that is another way to lead yourself to a dead end. The quicker you speak, the higher the risk. You might stumble on your words or worse – the computer won’t understand what you say, leading to a bad start.

However, if you make a mistake, don’t panic. Ignore the issue and continue speaking to avoid pausing for too long.

Keep It Short And Straightforward

You should speak naturally and in logical order. Take advantage of the 25 seconds the test gives you to plan your answer. 

Test-takers can improve their introduction by linking and connecting words to make their speech more interesting and engaging. 

Additionally, do not try to speak fancy words unfamiliar to you. It will cause unexpected issues, especially when you get nervous, and won’t give you any help.

Watch The Time

You will have 55 seconds to complete the PTE Core Personal Introduction. As mentioned earlier, they will give you 25 seconds to prepare and 30 seconds to answer. 

You should start speaking as soon as you hear the short tone. Make sure to finish your speech before 30 seconds so that your speech won’t sound unfinished.

Once again, practice makes perfect. Therefore, you should practice this frequently to better control your timing, thus knowing how to conclude your introduction effectively.

PTE Core Personal Introduction Sample

4. pte-core-personal-introduction-sample

Practise speaking with PTE Core Personal Introduction samples can help you prepare better for the task.

If you are still confused about what to say, see these detailed samples as preferences.

Sample 1:

“Hi! I’m [Your Name] from [Your Country]. I’ve just completed my studies in [Your Field of Study] at [Your University]. I’m interested in [Your Area of Interest] and am willing to study deeper into it. I’m taking this PTE test because I want to join [University or Program You Are Applying To], and this test is important for my study goal.

Sample 2:

“Good day! My name is [Your Name]. I am [Your Age] years old and I come from [Your Country]. Right now, I work as a [Your Job]. I am taking this Pearson English Test because I want to get a PhD at [University You Are Applying To]. My current hobbies are [Your Hobbies].”

Wrap Up

While it does not count toward your official result, performing well in the PTE Core Personal Introduction section is crucial. To make it a perfect start for your PTE Core speaking test, understand the section’s format and follow all the tips mentioned, along with frequent practice. Your PTE goal starts with this introduction, so make it worth it!

Last updated on 28/06/2024

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