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pte core writing

If you are about to take your PTE Core exam, this PTE Core Writing guide is needed to prepare.

This blog by PTE Magic will show everything you need to know about this section, from the overview to its test format and modules, along with our helpful tips and practice insights to help you master the writing section.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are two main tasks in the PTE Core Writing: Summarize Written Text and Write Email.
  • The Summarize Written Text section uses the correct or incorrect scoring, while the Write Email applies a partial credit scoring system.
  • Follow the steps at the end of this blog to get the best PTE Core Writing practice source.


PTE Core Writing Test Overview

pte core writing

Before digging into specific modules, let’s review the basics of PTE Core Writing. Below, PTE Magic will give you an overview of its structure and scoring system.


The PTE Core test has three main parts: Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. The first part consists of two skills: Speaking and Writing. In this blog, we will focus on the latter.

There are two main tasks in the PTE Core Writing: Summarize Written Text and Write Email. The total time for the first part is around 50 minutes, with the Writing part taking 20-30 minutes. This is considered the longest part of the test.

This PTE Core test will focus on your writing skills. Unlike the PTE Academic test, the range of PTE Core testing mainly focuses on everyday uses of English, which is the English you will hear in an everyday environment. 


For the Summarize Written Text section, your score will be based on four factors: content, form, grammar, and vocabulary. However, remember that if you summarise below 25 or above 50 words, you will not receive any scores, even if you are good in the content, grammar, and vocabulary.  

This section is scored as correct or incorrect, meaning there is no in-between. Remember, a no response equals an incorrect answer, as you won’t get any scores for that.

As for the Write Email section, seven factors determine your scores: content, email conventions, form, organization, grammar usage and mechanics, vocabulary range, and spelling. You should finish your writing between 50-120 words, or your score will drop by a certain amount.

PTE Write Email applies a partial credit scoring system. Based on the seven factors above, you will receive scores on the parts that you perform well. On the other hand, you will not get any scores for no response or a response that is not relevant.

PTE Core Writing Format & Modules

Below are the detailed PTE Core Writing modules of each section in the test. We will start with the first section: PTE Summarize Written Text.

Summarize Written Text

In this section, test-takers will need to read a text of up to 200 words and summarise it in 25 to 50 words. PTE Core will give you 10 minutes to finish this task. The aim of this is to evaluate your reading and writing skills.

Pay attention to the word count at the bottom of the screen to manage your writing time. While performing the task, you can use the cut, copy and paste buttons to build your summary effectively and conveniently. 

Write Email

For the PTE Core Write Email section, test-takers need to write an email in response to a written text up to 100 words in length. In 9 minutes, you need to provide a proper email in the 80 to 120 words range. 

Similar to the Summarize Written Text task, you will see a word count function at the bottom of the screen. This function will help you control your word limit and manage your writing time effectively. You can also benefit from the cut, copy, and paste buttons to write your response conveniently. 

PTE Core Writing Tips

In this section, PTE Magic provides helpful tips for your PTE Core Writing test. Make sure to apply this in your exam for the best results.

Summarize Written Text

You should have at least one completed sentence used in your summary. Even though it is as basic as it sounds, you need a capital letter at the beginning and a stop at the end of the sentence.

As mentioned above, if your summary does not stay within 25 to 50 words, you will lose your score in this part. Check the “Total Word Count” below the response box to check your writing. 

Another thing you should pay attention to is the structure of your sentences. For best results, try to apply complex sentences. While doing so, remember to mention your support ideas briefly as well.

Write Email

Before you start to write, we suggest taking note of the keywords you find important in the given text.

You should also pay attention to the receiver—who the email was sent to. While writing, remember the purpose of your email and what details need to be addressed. If your email has a proper outline, including an opening and a conclusion, along with a greeting and a closing sign-off, you will get higher scores.

Remember that these details should be related to the bullet points in the given prompt. If not, you will not receive any scores for this task. In other words, you will have zero points if you don’t address the given text.

PTE Core Writing Practice Test

Look no further if you are looking for good PTE Core Writing practice materials. At PTE Magic, we understand the needs of fellow test-takers like you. That’s why we have created a self-study website loaded with mock tests to help you achieve your dream score as easily as ever.

You can practice with these questions until you get them right. Not to mention, our AI-based scoring can give fast and detailed feedback to your practice needs. You will be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses quickly, thus having a suitable strategy to improve your PTE goal. 

Make sure to follow these steps to get the best PTE Core Writing practice source:

  1. Visit
  2. On the homepage, click on “Mock Tests” at the top bar.
  3. Sign in to get your PTE Core Writing practice tests. If you are new, create an account with us to access these helpful mock tests.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Summarize Written Text and Write Email are the current tasks in the PTE Core Writing test. Follow all our tips and try our insightful mock tests at PTE Magic to prepare your best for the exam. Good luck!

Last updated on 28/06/2024

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