PTE Highlight Incorrect Words

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PTE Magic Highlight Incorrect Words

In this task, you’ll see the transcript of a recording on the screen, and you need to identify the words in the transcript that differ from what is said while listening to the recording. The prompt length is 15 to 50 seconds.

PTE Highlight Incorrect Words doesn’t just give you listening points, but also reading points, so that is why we still need to try our best while doing this task.

#1. Understand the scoring
Negative marking applies to this question type, so it’s recommend that you only click on the words you’re certain about. For example, if you click on 3 correct words but then score -3 for 3 incorrect words chosen, overall you’ll still get 0.

#2. HIW contributes to PTE Reading
Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks and Reading: Fill in the blanks are already pretty hard themselves, so it’s good to get reading points from this task, especially if your target is 79+ or 84+.

#3. Scan the transcription
Before the recording begins, you have 10 seconds to quickly scan the passage and get a general idea about the topic, so you know what to expect.

#4. Concentration plays a key role
One way that can help you focus more is to move the cursor along the screen as the words are spoken, so it’s less likely to miss any words. Try not to get stuck on somewhere, otherwise you might miss the rest of the audio.

#5. Don’t assume something can be wrong
The number of incorrect words depend on the question, for example, it can be 3, 4 or 5. The incorrect words might be right next to each other, or they might spread the answers, so always listen carefully.


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