PTE Listening 5 Big Mistakes to Avoid for High Scores

Have you ever wondered why you’re always missing some points in PTE Listening? If yes, please keep reading.

PTE Listening is the third part of your test, and it might take 45-57 minutes depending on the number of questions you get on test day. Part 3 consists of questions which are based on audios that begin to play automatically, and these tasks include Summarise Spoken Text, Multiple Choice-Multiple Answer, Fill in the Blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Multiple Choice-Single Answer, Select Missing Word, Highlight Incorrect Words and Write From Dictation.

In this video, Moni will outline the top 5 mistakes to avoid for high scores in the PTE Listening section:
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If you want to find out immediately, no worries!
Here’s a quick summary:
1.Poor pronunciation in Repeat Sentence, Retell Lecture and Answer Short Question: You need to pronounce the keywords clearly and correctly in order for the computer to catch your content.
2.Poor spelling in Summarise Spoken Text, Fill in the Blanks and Write From Dictation: You need to proofread before going to the next task.
3.Poor time management: You need to have enough time for Write From Dictation at the end because this task is very important.
4.Not following the word count limit in Summarise Spoken Text: It needs to be 50-70 words.
5.Not practicing the real test questions: Practice with repeated questions is important!

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