PTE Magic: Recognized as a Top 20 Gold Brand in Vietnam for 2023

pte magic brand 2023

On the morning of April 16th, 2023, PTE MAGIC was honored to be recognized as one of the Top 20 Gold Brands in Vietnam for 2023, alongside other reputable companies such as SHB, Viettel Post, Mai Linh Taxi. The event was organized by the Institute of Cultural Economics and the Consumer Protection Center to honor entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, products, and services that have contributed to the benefits of Vietnamese consumers.


pte magic brand 2023
PTE Magic was awarded as one of the Top 20 brands for education in Vietnam

Since its establishment in 2016, PTE MAGIC has attracted more than 20,000 global students by focusing on building and enhancing diverse study programs, applying technology in teaching and testing, and continually improving the quality from curriculum to teacher proficiency. It’s PTE Magic AI online platform, has over 150,000 users from 58 countries worldwide. Moreover, PTE MAGIC has regularly been collaborating with reputable partners and universities in Australia to organize workshops, events, etc., for students interested in learning PTE or understanding about study or settlement visas in Australia.


pte magic reputation best pte centre
Along with the Top brand award, PTE Magic also received recognitions in the e-learning platform and PTE tutoring services of 2023


In Australia, the PTE (Pearson Test of English) certification is widely recognized and accepted by most universities and recruitment organizations as well as for immigration purposes. PTE Academic helps students evaluate their language proficiency and improve their English language skills comprehensively in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The Top 20 Brand Vietnam event was broadcasted live on H1 channel – Hanoi Television Station. In addition to the closing ceremony, businesses also held a public announcement ceremony at Ba Dinh Square, offered prayers for peace and blessings, and had an exchange banquet at Tam Chuc Pagoda.

Last updated on 09/05/2023

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