PTE Repeat Sentence Practice: 14 Tips to Ace the Test!

pte repeat sentence tips

PTE repeat sentence questions are designed to test your ability to listen, understand, and speak. You need to repeat what has been played with high accuracy and proper pronunciation. 

The part can be challenging, requiring lots of practice and tricks to complete successfully.

This article by PTE Magic is the right place to learn useful PTE repeat sentence tips to achieve the highest score. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The purpose of the PTE repeat sentence section is to test your listening, speaking, understanding, and memorising skills. 
  • The scoring criteria include two aspects: what you repeat and how you repeat it.
  • This article shows useful PTE repeat sentence tips and tricks to help you achieve the highest score. 

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What Is The PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence Test?

pte repeat sentence tips

PTE repeat sentence is one part of the PTE exam. It comes right after the Read Aloud section in the PTE speaking test. Your final score will depend greatly on your performance in this task. 

The purpose of the PTE repeat sentence section is to test your listening and speaking ability and your understanding and memorizing skills. It requires you to repeat what you’ve heard from the audio.

There are 10 to 12 sentences you need to complete. Each sentence is only played once within 3 to 9 seconds in length, and you will have 15 seconds to record each answer.

You’ll be given 3 seconds to get ready before the audio plays. There will be no beep sound after it finishes playing. So, speak immediately when the recording icon is on the screen. You will not be recorded if you don’t start speaking after 3 seconds. 

The part requires you to listen carefully, remember the sentences, and say them again with high accuracy, correct punctuation, word order, and intonation. You do need to possess many skills to complete this task perfectly. To do that, practicing is the key.

How Is It Scored? 

The scoring criteria include two aspects: what you repeat and how you repeat it.

Firstly, the content of what you speak is the first thing that will affect your score. The more accurate what was played in the PTE repeat sentence audios, the higher the score you will have. You’ll get:

  • The total 3 points: if you can repeat 100% of the sentence. 
  • 2 out of 3 points: if your answer matches 50% of the content. 
  • 1 out of 3 points: if 0-50% of the sentence is repeated.

Secondly, “How you speak” refers to the Oral Fluency and Pronunciation. 

  • Oral Fluency: Your performance will be judged by how you speak (how easily and smoothly you say, how you sound natural at proper speed, etc.)
  • Pronunciation: You should produce as much correct/ appropriate pronunciation as possible.

Note that some sentences are easy to listen to and understand; give your response and get the full score. However, some can be very lengthy; some can be fast, and some even can be both. Thus, getting a total of 3 points is not always easy. 

Besides, the audio background can be noisy, challenging your ability. Sometimes, you may even confront the problem of the speaker’s accent in the PTE repeat sentence section, making the scoring in this part more difficult. 

Don’t be stressed, though. Many examinees miss one sentence, become nervous, and fail the rest of the test. You need to keep practicing and learn some useful tips and tricks mentioned in the following section of this article.

PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Tips And Tricks 

Your fluency and pronunciation determine your score

While Listening

  • Stay focused to remember the content is playing. You can take notes, but you will not have enough time to write everything down. Choose keywords only. 
  • Try to understand the meaning of the sentences. It will have you stress on the correct syllables and produce natural intonation. 

While Speaking

  • Keep the words in the proper order as you’ve heard. Don’t mess up, and replace them with synonyms.
  • Try to remember every word because skipping or missing words will not give you points. 
  • Pay attention to your intonation, as natural intonation helps you sound natural and stop at the correct breaking points. If any part of the sentence is emphasized, you should stress the same to get a full score. Try to prepare yourself with as much PTE repeat sentence practice as possible to sound better.
  • Monotone is highly not recommended. You should sound as natural as possible.
  • Maintain your fluency while speaking. Even if you make mistakes in wording and intonation, don’t stop or try to fix them. Continue till the sentence ends with normal pace and rhythm. 
  • Don’t skip any answer even though you can’t catch what the speaker is saying. Repeat as much as you can to salvage your marks somehow. 
  • Limit fillers such as uhm, err, etc. It shows that you’re confused and can’t do well. 

Other Practicing And Preparing Tips

  • Try to copy the speakers’ accents while practicing the PTE repeat sentence questions to emphasize the correct syllables of the words and phrases. Use a dictionary to mark the stress of the terms to help you remember better.
  • Listening to English podcasts and audio and watching movies, TV shows, and news are useful methods to increase your vocabulary and fluency. You will also better understand different backgrounds and situations when using words.
  • When you try to remember the word in the PTE repeat sentence section, don’t only focus on itself. Put it in the context and make sentences with it. Therefore, the term will “stick” to your mind faster and longer. 
  • Try to practice with a partner if possible. It’s even better if you have a native friend to help you. You can mimic his accent and receive feedback. Your vocabulary and grammar will also be improved. 
  • Enroll in a training course with dedicated English-speaking teachers at PTE Magic and a vast pool of PTE materials to practice.


PTE repeat sentence questions are one of the most important sections of the PTE test. You need to repeat what the speakers say in the audio to get some points. The more accuracy you can do, the more score you will have. 

Since this part tests your listening and speaking skills and your understanding and memorizing abilities, you should practice hard before taking the real test. While practicing, don’t forget to implement our tips and tricks above to get a total of 3 points for each sentence. 

And don’t be upset if the first practice result is not what you expect. Remember, practice makes perfect. So, don’t give up!

Last updated on 20/06/2024

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