3 Common Mistakes in PTE Read Aloud

In the PTE task Read Aloud, a text appears on screen, and we need to read the text aloud. It doesn’t sound that difficult, right? However, it’s not that easy as well.

Today, let’s find out some common mistakes that people make in Read Aloud.

Mistake 1: I don’t know how to pronounce this word, so I’m going to skip it.
If we look closely at the marking criteria below, then we can find out that replacements, insertions and omissions of words will negatively affect your content score.

Therefore, it’s better to try your best pronouncing the word instead of skipping it. During the preparation time, you can quickly find out any long or difficult words and just practice them a few more times. If you don’t know how to correctly say the word, you can break it down into syllables and try your best.

Mistake 2: I don’t know how to pronounce this word, so I’m going to replace it with ‘something’.
The same goes for replacements of words as well. If you replace the word with something else, your content will be negatively affected.

Mistake 3: I want to read the passage slowly so I can pronounce every word clearly.
Read Aloud gives you speaking and reading points, so fluency does matter in this item type. That is, don’t read it slowly or crazy fast but try to maintain a natural to fast speed instead. The point here is to try to combine fluency and content (that is why Read Aloud is not that easy as it seems).

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