Do Templates Really Work In a PTE Exam?

Do templates really work in a PTE exam

Templates are considered powerful tools when taking exams. However, many people are skeptical about its function. We can say that templates do work in the exam, including the PTE test. However, only some know how to utilize them.

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Why are templates not really working all the time?

Do templates really work in a PTE exam

Templates refer to pre-structured outlines or formats that students can base on to organize their responses.

People usually apply them to certain types of questions. These templates provide a framework for candidates to structure answers effectively. By that, students can ensure they cover all necessary points while also presenting their responses in a clear and organized manner.

In some cases, templates can reveal their full effect. However, in the others, it seems to not work. In fact, the effectiveness of using templates depends on various factors, including:

  • Type of questions: There are limited templates and each of them corresponds with a certain type of question. It only works with these predetermined questions. Even a small difference can lead templates not to be really useful. You should notice this feature when practicing to utilize templates’ role.
  • Memory aid: Templates can serve as memory aids, helping you remember important concepts, theories, or formulas. They are quite rigid and require people to remember exactly as well. Therefore, under high pressure of exams, candidates can otherwise totally forget or misunderstand them, which might affect their function.
  • Individual learning style: Students’ learning styles and preferences play a significant role in how effective templates are for them. Some students may find templates helpful for organizing their thoughts and ensuring they cover all necessary points, while others may prefer more flexible approaches that allow for spontaneous and creative responses. Therefore, before applying templates, you should consider your style first. 
  • Preparation and familiarity: This is the last factor that can impact the effectiveness of templates in exams. Students who have practiced using templates extensively and are comfortable adapting them to different situations may find them more beneficial than those who have not. 

How can you apply templates to exams effectively?

After getting some factors that can make templates not really work, the next question can probably be “So how do you utilize templates in exams?”. Below is what you finding:

  • Identify exactly the question type and exam format: Before the exam, let’s familiarize yourself with the format and requirements. Determine which types of questions are likely to appear and how you can use templates to structure your responses accordingly.
  • Practice: Try to use templates with past exam questions or sample exercises. This will help you become more familiar with their structure and identify any areas where adjustments may be needed. In addition, you also can get the way to create a well-structured answer with detailed information and persuasive supporting ideas, not only a rigid response the same with the template.
  • Manage your time wisely: Templates can help you manage your time more effectively by providing a roadmap for your response. However, it doesn’t mean that you can waste your time. Remember to allocate time for each section of your template and stick to it to ensure you have enough time to address all aspects of the question.
  • Review and revise: Before submitting your exam, don’t forget to review your answer and make any necessary revisions. Ensure that it is clear, concise, and free of errors and that it effectively addresses the requirements of each question.
  • Stay flexible: While templates provide structure, it’s important to remain flexible and adapt your approach as needed. Remember that not all the questions are the same. It is better if you know the way to customize the template to adapt to various types of questions.


Above is the response to the question “Are templates really working in the exam?”. The answer is yes, but you need to get the right way. We also reveal the “right way” in this blog. Hope it helps.

Last updated on 20/03/2024

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