How to Construct Sentences In Your PTE Test: 4 Proven Tips

How to Construct Sentences In a PTE Test

Key Takeaways

  • Sentence construction mainly contributes to PTE test-takers’ writing and speaking scores.
  • A good sentence needs to be a full sentence, express a particular tone and mood, and have a smooth flow.
  • This blog reveals four proven tips for constructing effective sentences in your PTE test.

Sentence construction is a key to communicating and serving for academic tests as the PTE. It contributes mainly to test-takers writing and speaking scores. 

Building well-structured sentences will upgrade your score. You also express your ideas more effectively. The combination of grammar rules, syntax, and vocabulary elevates your writing to new heights.

So, how do you construct sentences well? You can find the answer in this short guide by PTE Magic

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How are well-structured sentences?

How to Construct Sentences In a PTE Test

First of all, you need to understand what makes a well-structured sentence. 

A good sentence needs to express the speaker’s idea fully. It contains many factors to be a good one.

  • It needs to be a full sentence: A full sentence has to include both a subject and a predicate or an independent clause. It also needs to transfer a full meaning and a clear idea. For example, “My mom plants many sunflowers in the garden” can be considered as a complete sentence. But if it is “My mom plants many in the garden”, it is not a well-structured one. The reader might wonder what your mom plants in the garden. Unlike the first one, it didn’t transfer a full idea.
  • Express a particular tone and mood: This factor relates to how you use vocabulary in the sentence. Especially in some special situations such as an academic test, a speech, a conversation, or an article,… Each situation requires you to use a different appropriate vocabulary range. For example, you can apply informal words to daily conversation but in academic tests like the PTE, you need to use formal ones.
  • Have a smooth flow: This factor means that you should use punctuation properly. It is especially important in writing. With dots and commas in the right places, people can skim a text and get the meaning easily. It can help your writing be more clear and coherent.

How to construct sentences?

Understand grammar rules deeply

At the core of constructing compelling sentences is a profound understanding of grammar. The rules of grammar act as the scaffolding upon which your sentences stand, providing the necessary structure for effective communication.

Understanding grammar rules will help you organize sentences or even a passage, a speech better. Especially for academic tests like the PTE, in which sometimes you need to combine complex structures to show off your linguistic knowledge. By that means, you can reach a higher score.

However, don’t overuse advanced structures such as passive voice run-on sentences, it can make your writing sound unnatural. Otherwise, by applying complicated sentences without deep understanding, you can create an uncompleted sentence accidentally.

You need to master subjects and predicates, comprehension of verb tenses, and so on are the building blocks that contribute to the coherence and clarity of your writing.

Use appropriate punctuation

As mentioned, punctuation plays an important role in a well-structured sentence. It marks are the silent architects of sentence construction, guiding readers through the twists and turns of your prose.

Every punctuation has its role and specific purpose.

Understanding when to employ commas for pauses, colons for emphasis, or ellipses for trailing off allows you to control the cadence of your sentences, emphasizing key points and creating a rhythm that resonates with your audience.

Using punctuation is a basic standard for constructing sentences, to avoid writing too long or too short sentences. In the PTE test, this factor is more important. 

For example: Jane is my friend. She is so beautiful. She has a beautiful voice. She usually takes part in school events. She is friendly. Many people like her.

The correct one: Jane is my friend. She is so beautiful and has a beautiful voice. Therefore, she usually takes part in school events. She is friendly as well so many people like her.

In general, applying punctuation will help your writing be more logical and clear.

Make precious word choices

Constructing sentences is not merely to use the right grammar, you also need to choose the right vocabulary. Choosing the right words will add a layer of sophistication to your writing.

A rich vocabulary allows you to convey ideas with precision, capturing the subtleties that make your content memorable. 

You need to use words in the appropriate situation. For example, in academic tests, you can not use “mom” instead of “mother” for writing articles.

In addition, it is better if you enrich your vocabulary range to express your ideas more easily, Don’t forget to cultivate synonyms and experiment with language to discover the perfect word that encapsulates your intended meaning.


Everything means nothing without practice. Like any skill, sentence construction can be improved with practice.

You can engage in regular writing exercises, experiment with different sentence structures, and challenge yourself with varied prompts. Otherwise, you can read regularly to get the way professionals build sentences and transfer their ideas. Newspapers, novels, or academic articles can be precious sources for you to learn.

Through consistent practice, you not only reinforce your understanding of grammar rules but also develop an intuitive sense of how to construct sentences that resonate with your unique voice.

You can easily express your ideas logically without barriers. 


In conclusion, constructing sentences is a challenge for many people. Hope that the above sharing can help you get rid of this difficulty. As you continue honing your skills, remember that each sentence is an opportunity to showcase your expertise, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

Last updated on 17/07/2024

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