How to improve memory for PTE Repeat Sentence

Many of our MAGIC students think PTE Repeat Sentence can be challenging sometimes, especially when the sentences are long.

If you think you only have a three-second memory like a goldfish, what can you do? Let’s find out in this article.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tip 1:
In order to succeed in Repeat Sentence, we very much need to depend on our memory capacity, which means short-term memory. The reason why most students find this task difficult is that they have issue of remembering a full sentence effectively, especially when it comes to long sentences. We have seen students trying to take notes in order to solve this problem, but sometimes we don’t have enough time to write down the whole sentence.

When I was a test taker, I found that the best way was to focus on the audio without taking notes. All I did was to try to understand what the speaker was saying and try to listen for meaningful phrases. One thing you can do is to break down the sentence into chunks to help you understand more phrases.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tip 2:
Practice, practice and practice! To be honest, repeating after someone says something isn’t something that we would do everyday, so consistent practice is important. The more you hear sentences, the more your brain can memorise information. At the end of the day, we sort of need to think of ourselves as a repeat machine. You can practice 30 sentences per day on PTE MAGIC practice platform in order to train your brain’s reaction.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tip 3:
If you believe you only have a three-second memory, maybe you can try to take supplements, such as vitamin B12 or Ginkgo Biloba, to boost memory retention.

Overall, the PTE Repeat Sentence task is all about how much you practice. When we go to the real test, our ultimate goal is to react straightaway without hesitation once the audio is finished, so memory capacity and comprehension are important.

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Last updated on 23/11/2020

I am a firm believer that the best teachers educate with their hearts not just their minds.

Moni | PTE MAGIC International Founder

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