PTE Repeat Sentence: Can You Repeat Your Answers?

Can we repeat Repeat Sentence twice or thrice

When answering the PTE Repeat Sentence questions, it’s understandable that we’re usually dissatisfied with our first attempt.

Many want to retry the process and repeat the sentence twice or thrice. But can you repeat your answers in this section?

Let’s find out in this short guide by PTE Magic.

Key Takeaways

  • PTE Repeat Sentence score is based on your content, fluency, and pronunciation.
  • Your score will drop if you make a false start and repeat your answer.
  • Listen to the phrasing, mimic the speaker’s stress and intonation, and follow PTE Magic’s methods to enhance your performance in this section.

What to Do in PTE Repeat Sentence

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An example of a PTE Repeat Sentence question

In this task of the PTE test, you will listen to a sentence and repeat it.

The test begins when the audio starts automatically. Once the sentence is finished playing, the test will open your microphone. You will see a “Recording” sign, which is your imply to speak into the microphone. You don’t have to wait for a signal to repeat your sentence.

You should take your time and speak clearly. When the process bar ends, the screen will show “Complete.” Keep in mind that each test-taker only has one chance to listen to the sentence. You can also record your response only once.


How is a Repeat Sentence Scored in the PTE Test?

Your score will be based on these factors:

  • Content: Your score will depend on the number of correct words that you take from the original audio. Your score will be lower if you don’t include much of the original words.
  • Fluency: Fluency is how smooth your speech is. Your score will be higher if you can keep a natural rhythm, stress the right words, and pause at the right places. On the other hand, your score will drop when you hesitate, repeat yourself, or make a false start.
  • Pronunciation: This factor represents how well native speakers can understand you. You will get a good score if you correctly pronounce and stress the words. Therefore, your answers should be easy for anyone who speaks English.

Can You Repeat Answers in PTE Repeat Sentence?

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We suggest you avoid repeating all the answers in the PTE repeat sentence test several times. As mentioned above, your score will drop if you make a false start and repeat your answer. So it’s best to practise memorising the content as much as possible and record your answer once.

The same goes for repeating a partial sentence. You can repeat parts of audio but at least 50% of it. Let’s say the original sentence has 12 words: Please come to the seminar properly, or you will be kicked out. The content will not match up to 50% if you only repeat “come to the seminar” several times.

How to Improve on PTE Repeat Sentence?

Now you know that you will lose your score no matter if you repeat a whole sentence or just a part of it. It’s time to learn some PTE repeat sentence tips to get the most out of it. Check out these tips and tricks below:

Listen to the Phrasing

Your score will depend on how you repeat the words in the sentence. You should try to repeat phrases with meaning to gain the highest score possible. 

The more phrases you catch, the higher your score. For example, “Next week’s workshop on Thursday has been postponed.” We use “/” to separate each meaningful phrase. If you listen and focus on catching these phrases, you can repeat the sentence more easily.

Mimic Stress and Intonation

While listening, notice how the speakers emphasize their tone on some of the words. These clues help you understand what the sentence means better. 

Stay calm and relax while you speak. With this, you can listen to how the speakers’ tone and stress to mimic them better. 

We will look at this example: “He’s going to attend ↓  his father’s funeral. ↓ ”  Notice the downtone in “attend” and “funeral”.

You should remember these important keywords when repeating the sentence.

Follow PTE Magic’s Methods

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PTE Magic’s courses help you master the test in no time

PTE Magic is the top PTE course provider. We have helped thousands of students achieve their desired scores with our courses. We have various resources that can make your PTE studying efficient and stress-free! Check out our PTE repeat sentence tips and tricks.

However, knowing the right method to apply these tricks is difficult. That’s why we’ve curated our courses to help you master the test quickly. Consider following our study methods for a structured PTE plan. 

The Bottom Line

PTE Magic advises you to try working on our tips for your best performance on PTE Repeat Sentence questions. Again, try not to repeat the sentence, as it will cause a false start and reduce your score. You should repeat the original sentence at least 50% of the time if possible.

Overall, you can score your best if you have the right strategy and learning methods. Visit PTE Magic today and achieve your success with us!

Last updated on 02/05/2024

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