Is Your Voice Pitch Destroying Your PTE Speaking Score?

Does A High Pitch Voice Affect PTE Scores

PTE exams do not involve human examiners. That means computers will evaluate your pitch for the PTE speaking test.

That also means that if the computers cannot “hear” your voice properly, you won’t get high scores—even if you believe you’re good at speaking English.

So, what are the best PTE pitches for female and male students in the PTE test, and how can you adjust your PTE speaking pitch accordingly?

This blog by PTE Magic will answer all your concerns, so keep your heads up!

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding and controlling your pitch can easily boost your PTE speaking score.
  • Aim for the computer’s ideal pitch range for PTE speaking to process effectively.
  • Learn proven strategies from professional trainers to maintain your pitch within the ideal range.

What is a Pitch?

Does A High Pitch Voice Affect PTE Scores

Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound, including your voice. A high pitch is similar to a higher tone of voice, while a low pitch is a lower tone of voice. 

Pitch can also tell us how a person feels. For example, you will have a higher voice pitch when you’re excited or surprised and a lower pitch when you’re serious. 

You can boost your PTE speaking score easily if you understand your pitch and know how to control it. Let’s learn why pitch can be a “make or break” matter for your result.  


Why Pitch Matters in Your PTE Speaking

As we’ve said from the start, PTE exams are completely computer-based. The test uses an algorithm that studies your data and provides scores accordingly. That’s why the computer will expect a set of parameters from you.

If your pitch fits that parameter, congrats – you will receive a better score. But if your pitch falls outside this range, it will destroy your speaking scores. It is similar to when you standing near the speakers at an event, you might hear the music but might not be able to figure out the lyrics. This is because our ears can only hear a certain range of frequencies.

The same goes for computers. If our pitches are out of the computer’s listening range, it won’t recognize our speaking. No matter how well and fluently you speak, computers will still give you lower scores – because they cannot make out what you say 100%.

So, what is the ideal pitch for a computer? How do we know our pitch range so we can adjust accordingly? The answers lie below.

3 PTE Pitch Trick Techniques for Top Scores

Here are 3 PTE tricks that can help you improve your pitch for a better score:

Know Your Pitch

3. pte-voice-pitch-analyzer

If you have yet to know your voice pitch, we recommend installing Voice Tools for the PTE voice pitch analyzer. This application can show your pitch range. Once you installed it, you will go directly to the pitch section. This is where the app will give you several sentences to read aloud. Remember to allow the application to have access to your microphone first.

You will have about 10 seconds to speak into your phone. Try using your most natural voice for the best results. The red line showing on the parameter range is your recorded pitch. The more you speak, the better you understand your pitch range.

Speak in the Ideal Pitch Range

Now you know your pitch, what’s next?

If you have downloaded Voice Tools, you will notice that the specific pitch ranges for males and females are distinct by colour. Pink is for the female pitch range from 200 to 300Hz. Blue represents males with a range of 100-150Hz.

However, these pitch ranges are determined only by the application. For PTE speaking, you need to aim for the correct pitch. By “correct pitch,” we mean reaching the ideal pitch range that the computer can process your speaking effectively.

We will show you the secret here: the ideal pitch range for female students should be around 220-240Hz. On the other hand, the goal for PTE pitch for male students is 130-150Hz. So, if you are a girl and your pitch is around 300Hz, try to reach the ideal pitch range, and you will see the differences.

Get Professional Training 

It’s good if your natural voice matches the ideal pitch, but everyone’s pitches are different. Even if you have the right pitch, keeping your pitch consistent when speaking is not easy. 

Mastering the right pitch is not an overnight process. To get the best pitch, you need to practice smartly. PTE Magic trainers can help you solve this problem. We can show you more useful tips and professional techniques to help you keep your pitch within the ideal range, even if that pitch is not your natural voice.

4. pte-pitch-trick

Plus, at PTE Magic, you will improve your pitch and have access to our real question bank, templates, and AI-scored mock tests

See our video on mastering pitches: Use this simple PTE pitch trick and get 90 Speaking

The Bottom Line

Knowing your natural pitch and the ideal pitch for PTE speaking will help you gain a better score.

Don’t let your voice pitch destroy your PTE score. Explore our PTE Magic courses today to master your pitch and get the highest results!

Last updated on 02/05/2024

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