How to Improve PTE Pronunciation Score

How to Improve your Pronunciation
PTE Magic How to Improve Pronunciation

In the PTE Speaking part, pronunciation is scored by determining if your speech can be easily understood by regular speakers of English or not. Regional or national pronunciation variants are considered correct to the degree that they are understandable to most regular speakers of English. That is, it’s okay to have an accent, but your accent can’t interfere with your pronunciation.

Generally speaking, a low pronunciation score can be due to one or more of the following issues:

1.Pronunciation itself:
When we pronounce the words, it’s important to pronounce the syllables correctly and don’t miss any of them, including consonants and vowels. If you miss a syllable, it might become another word, which means you might lose pronunciation and content points.

One way to improve pronunciation is that, in the beginning, you can speak a bit slowly and move your mouth and lips to the maximum in order to say the word very clearly (to exaggerate the sound). Once you’re used to that, you can speed up and combine pronunciation and fluency.

Also, you can use an online dictionary and listen to the pronunciation of difficult words.

2.Wrong microphone position:
As mentioned in the previous article, checking the microphone position before the PTE Speaking section starts is really important, otherwise you might end up losing speaking points. If the computer cannot catch your response appropriately, pronunciation score will be negatively affected.

If you don’t need to wear a mask, you can try putting it at the tip of your nose.
If you need to wear a mask, you can try putting it in front of your mouth.

Pitch is the highness or lowness of the level of your voice. If you pretty much pronounce the words correctly and the microphone position seems fine, then you will probably need to work on pitch.
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