How I got PTE Speaking 77 from 47 in 5 days

Teddy, one of our MAGIC students, was able to achieve PTE overall 66 with Listening 73, Reading 77, Speaking 77 and Writing 70 after learning the tips and strategies from PTE MAGIC.

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How did Teddy improve his speaking score from 47 to 77 in just 5 days?
In his case, the answer is to check the microphone position.

In Teddy’s first attempt, he was a bit nervous about the exam and did not pay attention to the microphone position. After consulting the trainer, he adjusted his microphone position and put it at the tip of nose in the second attempt and got PTE Speaking 77.

Checking the microphone position before the PTE Speaking section starts is really important, otherwise you might end up losing speaking points.

Teddy has also shared some preparation tips in this article in order to help more PTE test takers:

  • First, it is important to make sure the microphone is in the right position: the tip of your nose. You need to test it before the speaking starts until you are able to hear your voice being recorded clearly.
  • Throughout the test, make sure to speak loud and confidently without hesitations. If you are unsure about the words, try your best saying the words and maintain fluency at all times.
  • There is no need to rush. It is important to maintain a good fluency as well as pronounce every syllable clearly and correctly.
  • Use simple sentences to connect keywords in describe image and try to speak all the words you are able to capture from the image.
  • Focus on academic words in retell lecture and use simple sentence to connect all the keywords and repeat those keywords if time allows.

For more information on microphone positions, please find it here:


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Last updated on 08/01/2021

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