How To Reschedule PTE Exam: Fees & Cancellation Policy

How To Reschedule PTE Exam: Fees & Cancellation Policy

You can be confident to book a PTE exam at any time. However, pay attention to the rescheduling and cancellation policy if unexpected events occur.

This step-by-step guide from PTE Magic will explain how to reschedule the PTE exam and some related information.

Don’t worry! It’s a quick and hassle-free process.

When can you reschedule your PTE exam?

You can reschedule your appointment anytime if you want to change the test location or date.

However, if you cannot sit for the test due to urgent reasons, or reasons from the test centre, you can reschedule the test at no extra cost.


Reschedule the test due to a medical or family emergency 

If you are unable to appear on the test day due to personal health issues or a family emergency, you can reschedule your test without paying any charges.

However, you must provide medical proof to support your health claim. Pearson will review and make the final decision on your request.

You are only eligible for one medical reschedule for a particular test. In addition, you do not have the right to reschedule or get a refund automatically.

Reschedule the test because PTE has cancelled your booking

reschedule pte exam

The test centre may occasionally need to reschedule your test due to unexpected or unavoidable circumstances, such as bad weather.

In this situation, the test centre will automatically reschedule your test at the earliest available time or at a different testing centre.

If you cannot choose a suitable time or test centre, you can cancel the test for free and get a refund.

How to reschedule a PTE test?

There are four ways to reschedule your PTE test.


  1. Sign in to your myPTE account
  2. Click the “Reschedule” button next to the scheduled test, and follow the instructions
  3. Select the new test date and location
  4. Review and confirm the new schedule’s details
  5. Pay extra fees, if any

You will receive an email to confirm your change.


You can call your test centre to reschedule your test. Find the local number here.


If you want to get help fast, directly contact Pearson customer service directly. The chat team will help you reschedule.

Form (for medical or family reasons only)

If you want to reschedule due to illness or family reasons, you must complete the Emergency Reschedule form.

You must also submit any supporting documentation within 14 calendar days of your scheduled test date.

If your request has been approved or rejected, you will receive an email in 3-5 working days. If it has been five working days and you have not heard from your test centre, please check your spam box. 

What is the PTE rescheduling fee?

You may be charged an extra fee depending on the time between the rescheduled test date and the actual test date.

Note that these policy timeframes do not include the test date.  

  • 14 calendar days or more before your test: You can reschedule your test for free.
  • 8 to 13 calendar days before your test: you will be charged 50% of the original test price for the new book. 
  • 7 calendar days or fewer before your test: you must pay a new test fee, and there will be no refund.

What is the PTE cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel the PTE exam, please note the cancellation policy as follows:

  • 14 calendar days or more before your test: You will get a full refund 
  • 8 to 13 calendar days before your test: You will get a 50% refund of the initial test price
  • 7 calendar days or fewer before your test: There will be no refund provided

Your refund will be transferred back to your original credit or debit card or bank account.

If you used a PTE voucher to pay the test fee, you will get a replacement voucher without deductions for late cancellation.

If you miss the exam without cancelling, your record will state “no-show.” As a result, there will be no refund. You’ll have to rebook and repay the test fees.


Rescheduling the PTE exam is pretty convenient in four different ways.

We hope this guide will be helpful to you. Choose the best way to reschedule the PTE exam and get your refund successfully.

While waiting for the next test day, let’s practice more with our proven online PTE coaching classes!

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Last updated on 22/08/2023

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