How to Speak Fluently As a Native In a PTE Test

How to Speak Fluently As a Native In Your PTE Test

How to Speak Fluently As a Native In Your PTE Test

English is an essential soft skill in this age, where globalization is a trend. Proficiency in English will open doors to numerous opportunities in education, career, and social interactions.

However, how to speak English fluently is always a huge challenge for many non-native people, especially for those who intend to take academic tests like PTE and want to live in English-speaking countries.  

In this blog, PTE Magic will offer some tips to speak English fluently. Don’t miss out if you want to conquer the English language.


Build a solid foundation

Speaking fluently means that you can communicate smoothly and effectively. You can express your ideas without thinking and hesitation. 

Some people say that to speak well, you can overlook the language foundation such as grammar rules, vocabulary, and so on. But it is not true.

In contrast, it is crucial to build a solid foundation for speaking as smoothly as possible. This includes a solid grasp of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. 

Building an extensive vocabulary not only enhances your ability to express yourself but also helps you comprehend diverse conversations.

In addition, a firm grip on grammar and clear pronunciation ensure that your sentences are structured correctly, which makes it easier to help others understand your ideas. 

These are the fundamental knowledge that you can hone easily with basic materials such as the internet, online courses, or books,…

Immerse yourself in language

The most effective way to improve your speaking is to immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment. Fluency thrives on exposure. 

Dip yourself into the English language by surrounding yourself with authentic materials such as TV movies, TV shows, and documentaries,… In addition, you should pay attention to the way native speakers articulate words and phrases to understand their context and apply them appropriately. 

Listening to English music, podcasts, and audiobooks is also a good way to familiarize yourself with different accents and speech patterns.

However, above are listening passively. It is not enough to help you speak more effectively. It is better if you try to communicate actively. 

You can talk to others in English, all day is the best but if it is too hard, you can use English to communicate at some particular time in the day, such as in the evening, in the morning,… 

You can train your language reflex efficiently by this means.

However, not all people have a standard partner to communicate regularly. In this case, you can talk to yourself. Choosing a random topic and discussing it will be an ideal option for practicing speaking.

Enrich vocabulary range

Vocabulary always is a vital factor if you want to speak English smoothly. A wide range of vocabulary will prevent speech from hesitation. You can easily express your idea without hinders.

However, building an extensive vocabulary is a continuous process. You should make it a habit to learn new words daily and incorporate them into your conversations.

There are so many ways you can try to absorb new vocabulary such as creating flashcards, using vocabulary apps, learning via watching movies,… After getting a new word, don’t forget to apply it to the actual situation. You can use it to write a short passage or apply it in conversation to understand its meaning and context thoroughly.

Furthermore, pay attention to collocations – words that naturally go together. Understanding these combinations adds a layer of authenticity to your speech and helps you sound more natural when conversing.

Apply “Shadowing”

Shadowing is a method that you repeat simultaneously after a native speaks. This is a common technique that many people use to improve their pronunciation. However, this is a considerable choice to hone their speaking skill.

This method helps you mimic the native’s pronunciation, intonation, and pacing. Your speech may sound more natural. In addition, imitating the native will help you become more familiar with the language and improve your speaking gradually.

To practice this method, you can choose any podcasts, audiobooks, or even TED Talks in English and mimic the speaker in these videos/podcasts. In this process, you can learn the way they talk, how they apply vocabulary in real situations, and the way they build the structure of a speech. 

This not only improves your spoken English but also enhances your listening skills, a crucial component of the PTE test.

Utilize technology to practice

In the digital age, more and more useful apps and platforms are being built providing many convenient and efficient tools to train users’ speaking skills. You can choose the most appropriate one to try.

These numerous language-learning apps can be your companions on the journey to fluency. They offer interactive exercises that focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar to enhance people’s competence. A friendly interface and easy-to-use flow combined with practical exercise will leverage your speaking significantly.

Otherwise, if you practice aiming for a specific test, PTE for example, you can choose those which focus on that test. With PTE, PTE Magic can be a considerable option. We provide a wide range of practice to help users improve their skills as well as their Speaking scores.


In conclusion, speaking fluently is not an elusive skill but a journey that requires dedication, practice, and strategic efforts. Mastering speaking skills is essential not only for a particular test but also for our life.

Hope that the above tips can help you remove obstacles to enhance your speaking skills and reach your dream score on the PTE test

Remember, fluency is a gradual process, and with consistent effort, you’ll find yourself navigating spoken English with confidence and ease, both in the test and real-life situations.

Last updated on 24/01/2024

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