How to Understand Your PTE Score Report: A Complete Guide

No Proper Feedback From Pearson For Your Results

Are you wondering why PTE does not give full feedback on your exam?

This blog by PTE Magic will explain everything about the PTE Score Report, including a step-by-step guide to getting detailed PTE Academic feedback on your test performance.

Let’s take a closer look!

Key Takeaways

  • The computer scores your PTE test using an evolving code that learns from the test taker’s answers to improve its scoring system.
  • The latest PTE Score Report removes the Enabling Skills while including the Skills Profile and personalized suggestions for detailed feedback.
  • Checking your PTE Score Report is free and simple through your MyPTE account

How is Your PTE Test Scored?

A computer with the latest and most up-to-date technology evaluates your PTE test. With this, PTE tests ensure their candidates receive fair and correct scores. 

Essentially, a computer grades your score, meaning you won’t interact with a human examiner. This is an advantage since it can reduce the unfairness that can occur due to human bias. There won’t be any chance that the teacher will judge you on your English skills. You can focus on performing the test to the best of your ability.

So, how does the computer score your test? It uses an algorithm, code that collects hundreds of thousands of test-takers’ answers to improve its scoring system. This program gets smarter every year because it learns from more tests. When you take the test, you give PTE a chance to evolve its scoring system.


Updates in the PTE Score Report

Before November 2021, the PTE test report’s format was different. Here are their latest changes:

Remove Enabling Skills

2. how-to-see-pte-score-report

The report rates your English skills from 10 to 90 for Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

You can see how good your English is in the test report. The report gives you a score between 10 and 90 based on the Global Scale of English. This report will show specific scores for each section: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. These scores are based on your answers on the exam.

Before November 2021, the report had a section called Enable Skills. Now, they removed it and replaced it with Skills Profile. This new change gives the candidate more detailed feedback on their performance. 

The purpose is to help you improve your future English and get a better PTE score. Teachers and trainers can also review their students’ abilities, especially for students who want to retake the test.

Online Skills Portfolio 

You are the only one who can view the new Skill Profile. Rest assured, this information won’t get leaked to the schools or institutions you’re applying to. As mentioned above, the purpose is only for test-takers and teachers or trainers to review.

3. pte-score-report-sample

The 4 symbols represent 4 English skills and show which skills you need to work on harder.

The report shows eight skills. As you can see from the picture, the blue bars on the right show how well you did on each skill. Next to the bar on the left, you will see four symbols. They represent the four skills and can tell you which English skills you need to work on harder.  

Personalized Suggestions 

4. pte-score-report-analysis

The suggestions provide instructions on how to improve your English skills.

The Skills Profile will show you super detailed personalized suggestions. These suggestions help strengthen your English skills in each section. 

How does it work? When you click on a language category, a list will appear. This list is thoroughly understandable, as it tells you about your skill areas and provides instructions on improving.

For teachers and trainers, you can arrange your teaching method to fit the student’s abilities based on their strengths and weaknesses in the report.

How To View the PTE Score Report For Full Feedback

5. pte-score-report-website

Every part of the PTE test report viewing process is free

Below is our detailed step-by-step on how to see your PTE score report:

  1. Sign in to your MyPTE account at the Pearson website to see your PTE score report. 
  2. You will see an “Activity” tab on your left. 
  3. Click on it, and your right screen will appear in the “Previous Test” section. 
  4. At the bottom is where you want to go: a “View Score” button”.
  5. You can directly share your score with any institute by clicking the “Send Score” button. 

Note that every part of this process is free. 

PTE Score Ranking Chart 2024

If you are still unsure about your performance in the PTE test and feel like the report did not meet your expectations, here is our breakdown ranking chart:

Above 85 score

Students in this range can easily understand almost everything they hear or read. They can summarize information from different sources and organize arguments and stories well. 

They can speak fluently and accurately even in tricky situations and express subtle differences in meaning.

From 76 to 84 score

Students from 76 to 84 score can understand lots of different long and hard texts and figure out what they mean. They can talk smoothly without having to think much about what to say. 

These students can use language well in different situations, such as in social, school, or work settings. They can write clear, detailed paragraphs about difficult topics, using good structures and words to connect everything.

From 59 to 75 score

59-75 score students can get the main points from hard texts about all sorts of subjects, even technical fields. 

They can talk smoothly enough to chat with native speakers without anyone feeling awkward. They can write clear and detailed subjects about various topics and explain their opinion on day-to-day topics, talking about the good and bad sides of different ideas.

From 51 to 58 score

Students from this range know enough of the language to handle everyday situations but might need things repeated and make many mistakes. They can understand normal speech but might struggle in loud places. 

These students can share basic info about familiar and unfamiliar topics they are unsure about. They can give detailed info accurately and can understand most things they hear on topics they care about when it’s spoken clearly.

From 43 to 58 score

43-58 students can get the main ideas when they hear or read about topics they know well (for example, work-related topics, school, or hobbies).

They can handle most situations in places where people speak the language. They can write simple paragraphs about things they know well or are interested in. They can talk about their experiences, dreams, and plans and explain briefly why they think or want things.

From 30 to 42 score

6. how-to-view-pte-score-report

A PTE score report sample from a student with an overall score of 38.

Students can understand simple sentences and common phrases about everyday subjects such as family, shopping, or jobs. 

They can have simple conversations and exchange basic information about regular things. They can explain simple things about themselves, their surroundings, and matters related to the current situation. 

From 10 to 29 score

At this age, students can understand and say simple things needed in everyday life. They can say hi and ask basic questions about themselves and others, such as where they live or who they know. They can chat a little if the other person speaks slowly and is ready to help.

Final Words

It’s understandable why you want to know your PTE score report well. We agree that the report is more than just a PDF file. It is evidence of your hard work and abilities, so use it to improve in the future.

Don’t feel down if your score doesn’t meet your expectations. See this as a chance to do better. Knowing how to see your PTE test report and the right study method, you can reach your PTE goals easily. Good luck!

Last updated on 02/05/2024

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