Is PTE Academic Or PTE UKVI Better For a UK Master Study Visa?

Is PTE Academic Or PTE UKVI Better For a UK Master Study Visa

Many people wonder which test is better for a UK master study visa, PTE Academic or PTE Academic UKVI?

The answer is based on what you are pursuing.

So, how can you choose, and what is the difference between them? Let’s discover through this blog by PTE Magic!


Differences between PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI

Is PTE Academic Or PTE UKVI Better For a UK Master Study Visa

Actually, there is no significant difference between these two exams.

The format, structure, and scoring of the two exams are the same. Both aim to assess the test taker’s English competence via four skills including reading, listening, writing, and speaking tests.

The only difference is in the registration process and their purposes.

The Academic PTE test is the standard version of the PTE test, accepted by many universities and institutions worldwide for admissions purposes.

Meanwhile, the PTE academic UKVI is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the UK Home Office for visa applications, including study visas, immigrant purposes,… It includes additional security measures to ensure the integrity of the test results and is accepted by the UKVI for visa applications.

PTE Academic UKVI would require some additional information related to your test taker’s visa application. When completing the PTE Academic UKVI test, you will receive the SELT Unique Reference Number (URN), which is so essential for your visa application.

Which test is better for a UK master study visa, PTE Academic or PTE academic UKVI? 

If you want to apply for a UK visa, it is better if you choose the PTE Academic UKVI. Otherwise, if you don’t need to take a UK visa, it is unnecessary to take the PTE academic UKVI. The standard Academic PTE test is enough for other purposes. 

You should prepare for the PTE Academic UKVI when:

  • You only want to apply for below-degree level
  • Your dream institution is out of 4 Tier sponsor

You can choose PTE Academic when:

  •  You want to go on a Tier 4 sponsor institution
  •  You want to study at a degree level or higher


In conclusion, both PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI are accepted for UK Master’s study visa applications, but what to choose will depend on your specific visa requirements and preferences. 

If you want to apply for a UK study visa and PTE Academic UKVI is listed as an accepted test, opt for this version to ensure compliance with immigration regulations. Otherwise, you can choose the PTE Academic test for an easier approach.

Ultimately, thorough research and careful consideration of your visa and university requirements will help you make an informed decision regarding which test is better for your UK Master’s study visa application.

Last updated on 02/04/2024

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