Latest PTE Score Chart & Changes: What You Need to Know?

Latest PTE Score Chart & Changes

It’s necessary to stay updated on all test changes before taking the PTE exam.

This way, you can avoid surprises on test day and understand your PTE Score Report better.

Recently, Pearson has made some PTE scoring changes to make the scoring more understandable for everyone.

Let’s check out the latest PTE score chart right away!


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What are the recent PTE score changes?

There are two PTE score updates. And you need to keep them in mind to better prepare for your next PTE practice test.

PTE and IELTS conversion changes

Pearson has tried to conduct periodic reviews and research on the correlation between PTE results and IELTS bands. This helps understand how different test scores align to ensure a reliable exam.

On 1st December 2020, Pearson published the 2020 PTE and IELTS Concordance Report to announce the latest revisions in PTE scoring comparison.

PTE Academic (Original)
PTE Academic (Updated)

The new concordant scores were slightly changed in the mid-range scores used for academic admissions purposes.

  • At IELTS 7.5 and above, the concordant PTE Academic scores are at some points higher on the scale than the original range.
  • At IELTS 6.5 and below, the concordant PTE Academic scores are at some points lower on the scale than the original range.

Be at ease! Despite a change in conversion between PTE and IETLS, the PTE construct and scoring remain unchanged. Your PTE results stay valid.


PTE Score Report changes

pte score changes

  • Remove Enabling Skills

The PTE Academic Score Report gives you an assessment of your performance on the exam. It consists of two key contributors: Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills.

After 16th November 2021, the Score Report removed the Enabling Skills section.

PTE Score Report will continue to show your Overall Score and your Communicative Skills.

This change is aimed at helping test-takers plan future English language learning.

  • Introduce Online Skills Profile

A new personalized Skills Profile replaces Enabling Skills section and now appears on PTE Score Report online. You can only view it on your myPTE account.

The Score Report and Skills Profile provide PTE scores and detailed feedback on English proficiency level. The test taker can use it to determine which English abilities need improvement.

In the Skills Profile, there are eight language skill categories: 

  • Open response speaking and writing: Provide your views in a spoken or written response.
  • Reproducing spoken and written language: Repeat or copy spoken or written information.
  • Extended writing: Write a long answer.
  • Short writing: Write a short answer.
  • Extended speaking: Give a long-spoken answer.
  • Short speaking: Give a short-spoken answer.
  • Multiple-skills comprehension: Use more than one skill (for example, listen to a video and respond orally).
  • Single-skill comprehension: Use one single skill (for example, reading).

Each skill area shows a bar assessing your performance in that specific skill. The fuller the bar, the more proficient you are at that skill.

This may help in PTE study because you can easily and quickly discover the areas requiring more effort to get better scores in the future.

  • Provide personalized recommendations  

The Skills Profile provides personalized recommendations to assist test takers in improving their English proficiency in each area.

It breaks down the skill category and advice based on the GSE learning purpose for test-related skills. This advice suggests practical methods to enhance certain language skills.

Thank to personalized recommendations, you can customize your study plan to ace the PTE exam.

What’s the latest PTE score chart?

Here is the latest PTE score chart showing your English proficiency level and skill representation:

PTE score range
CEFR equivalent
Skill representation

This scoring range measures the ability to:

  • Understand audio or visual materials thoroughly.
  • Summarize spoken and written information.
  • Reconstruct arguments.
  • Express information coherently, clearly, and fluently.
  • Understand complex long texts and implicit meanings.
  • Express fluently, clearly, and naturally.
  • Use English correctly for various purposes.
  • Create thorough and well-structured content on difficult topics.
  • Identify the key ideas in a complex text.
  • Interact with native speakers fluently and spontaneously.
  • Create clear, informative writing and explain a viewpoint on various topics.
  • Know the main ideas on daily matters.
  • Solve most personal-related situations.
  • Write short simple text on familiar topics.
  • Share your experiences, objectives, dream, and ambitions briefly.
  • Understand basic information-related sentences and expressions.
  • Describe briefly the simple aspects of personal information and the immediate environment.
  • Understand and use common daily phrases in elementary words.
  • Introduce yourself and can ask and respond to questions about personal information.
  • Communicate simply as long as the speaker talks slowly and clearly.

You can download the full scoring guide here to understand the PTE score chart better.


Have you got the changes? If yes, it’s time to prepare for the big day!

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Last updated on 22/08/2023

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