OET vs PTE: Should You Choose OET Or PTE For Your Career?


OET vs PTE? Which one should you take?

This is a popular question among students who want to study or pursue a career in the healthcare sector abroad.

These two exams serve as English language proficiency tests for admission to international universities and colleges.

That’s why many students wonder which test would be better to take.

Not to fret! PTE Magic will help you break down the differences between OET and PTE.

Key Takeaways

  • PTE gives quick results, broad English testing and lots of practice; while OET focuses on medical English, professional growth and strong medical vocabulary.
  • You can take PTE every five days and get your scores within 5 business days, but OET exams happen once a month and take 12 business days for the results.
  • OET tests take 3 hours and 20 minutes while PTE exams only take 2 hours and 15 minutes.

OET vs PTE proficiency tests – A quick comparison table

Before moving on to the next part, here is a quick comparison between OET and PTE.

Full form
Occupational English Test
Pearson Test of English
Academic reach
OET is accepted by healthcare regulatory boards and councils in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the US, the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Namibia, and Ukraine.
More than 3,000 universities worldwide recognize PTE Academic, including INSEAD, Yale, Harvard Business School, and Oxford University.
Exam dates
Once a month
Every 5 days
Time limit
3 hours and 20 minutes
2 hours and 15 minutes
Exam fee
Depends on which country you take the test in
Exam forms
Online & Offline
Score availability
12 business days
5 business days
2 years
2 years

To choose the exam that suits you best, you should first know your goal. Why do you want to take the test?

To answer this question, let’s go to the next parts!

When should you choose PTE?

oet vs pte

You want to get the result quicker

PTE results are available within 5 business days after taking the test.

If you need a certificate urgently to complete your application for a visa or admission, the PTE exam is ideal for you.

You want a more comprehensive English test

The PTE is more fundamental and emphasizes daily English communication with different topics about daily life and society.

Besides, in the exam format, PTE will often have a wide range of question types to give the most complete and detailed assessment results for all skills.

You need more practice material

If your English is not very good and needs a lot of materials to study, PTE will be a safe choice for you.

While OET material is quite hard to find due to its high level of medical content, PTE exam preparation resources and mock tests can be available everywhere and are highly diverse.

If you are looking for a material resource, this real PTE questions bank will greatly help your study plan.

When should you choose OET?

You want a medical-related English test

Students typically choose OET over PTE while applying for specialized healthcare practices since the OET test includes medical content.

With a vocabulary specific to the healthcare sector, OET is more specialized and designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

For example, students must write a letter using the medical terms in the OET writing sub-test.

You want to improve your professional

OET provides you with the chance to enhance your professional language abilities for the job.

The tasks in the OET test reflect the tasks in the workplace. For example, you can encounter some real-world assignments in the listening sub-test is listening to the interviewer and jotting down notes,

Indeed, the OET test can prepare you for your upcoming job in the hospital or medical facility.

Your medical vocabulary is good enough

If your specialized knowledge and English vocabulary in the healthcare sector are strong enough, OET will be undoubtedly your right choice.

Since the preparation material for the OET exam is very limited, you might need help knowing where to begin and need clarification about how well you’ve prepared.

Thus, be sure of your knowledge before going for OET or PTE.

Pros and cons of the PTE exam


  • The PTE is more affordable than the OET.
  • PTE exam content is more comprehensive and easier than OET.
  • There are many sources of PTE preparation materials, and they are pretty abundant.
  • PTE releases test scores rapidly, and you have a variety of test dates to choose from.
  • PTE is more significant while applying for jobs or admission to various universities and colleges.


  • PTE is not ideal for those with limited computer skills since the PTE exam is completely computer-based.

Pros and cons of OET


  • OET is more significant in the healthcare sector.
  • The OET may be easier in some ways as it’s more relevant to healthcare. You can take advantage of your healthcare knowledge, language, and experiences.


  • The OET test fee is quite expensive.
  • The medical vocabulary of the OET test is quite complex and extensive.
  • When it comes to English proficiency exams, the OET is not as well-known as the PTE.

Conclusion – OET Or PTE?

You may now differ OET vs PTE. So which one will you take? We believe you have identified your goals in mind.

If not, do not hesitate to tell us your problem here. We are ready to help you anytime, anywhere.

Last updated on 06/05/2024

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