PTE 79 Score: IELTS Equivalent & Score Tips

PTE 79 Score: IELTS Equivalent & Score Tips

There are some common PTE targets include PTE 30, PTE 42, PTE 50, PTE 65, PTE 79, and PTE 90.

PTE 79 is considered a high number guaranteeing admission to prestigious institutions or a successful Australian PR visa application.

However, scoring 79+ on the PTE test requires much time and effort.

Unthinkingly doing numerous practice tests won’t help at all.  Instead, go for a quality practical study plan and tips while keeping your mental health in tip-top condition!

Is PTE 79 out of your reach? That won’t happen if you follow PTE Magic’s solid preparation strategies below.

Let’s dig deeper!

Key Takeaways

  • PTE 79 is considered a high number that guarantees admission to prestigious institutions or a successful Australian PR visa application.
  • PTE 79 is equivalent to IELTS 7.5 and has the same value as Level C1, according to CEFR.
  • Find out what you can do with a PTE 79 score and see how you can get that score below.

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What is PTE 79 equivalent to IELTS?

PTE 79 is equivalent to IELTS 7.5.

Besides, PTE 79 has the same value as Level C1 according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

This is a very high degree of English proficiency. You can:

  • Understand a wide range of complex texts at this score level.
  • Use English flexibly and effectively.
  • Create clear and detailed text on many complex subjects.

What can you do with PTE 79?

pte 79 score - ielts equivalent & score tips

Here’s what you can do with PTE 79:

For a study visa

With a PTE score of 79, you can get admission to most of the prestigious universities and colleges in Australia and other countries worldwide.

For Australia PR

Australia PR visas, including Visa 189, 190, and 489, require a minimum of 65 migration points in the points test system of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas.

You can receive this score by submitting proof of age, education, work experience, English proficiency, and state nomination (for Visa 190 only).

PTE 65 is the minimum score required to apply for skilled migration visas to Australia.

You will receive 20 migration points for a PTE 79, the maximum score for English language requirements.

However, international workers in several occupations, such as nursing, and electricians, have been increasing rapidly.

To work in these occupations, you need to improve your immigration score for a successful visa application. Earning PTE 79 will be a good way to ensure your chances of getting an Australian PR visa.

20+ tips for achieving 79+ in your PTE exam

The PTE exam has a score range from 10 to 90. 79+ is a dream number among many students and professionals as they are about to hit the highest point.

However, PTE 79 is not rocket science. That’s why you have to devote more time and effort to get your desired score.

Look no further than our detailed and systematic study plan for each PTE section to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Each PTE section will have higher-scoring questions than the others.

Therefore, we will cover the most important question types with proven tips to easily score 79+ on the PTE test.

PTE Speaking section

This section includes five question types with the following level of importance:

Question types
Level of importance
Read Aloud
Repeat Sentence
Describe Image
Re-tell Lecture
Answer Short Questions

Tips for each task

  • Read Aloud task: Review the difficult words and the initial sentence before the recording starts.
  • Repeat Sentence task: Speak whatever you remember fluently if you cannot remember the keywords.
  • Describe Image task: Take note of the template, frame the heading if not given, and rehearse difficult words before the recording starts.
  • Retell Lecture task: Take note of the template, and fill it in with 5 keywords or phrases.

Speaking tips and tricks

  • Pay close attention to pronunciation, clarity, and fluency at normal speed and clear voice volume.
  • Do not speak too fast or slowly.
  • Do not whisper or speak too loudly.
  • Practice intonating properly. Stop or pause at punctuation, such as full stops or commas. Raise your voice at important words or at the end of a question.
  • Use your authentic voice. Do not try to mimic an accent to sound like a native English speaker.
  • Focus on the way native English puts stress levels on each syllable.
  • Do not repeat or try to fix incorrect-spoken words.

PTE Writing section

Both tasks in the Writing section are equally important.

Question types
Level of importance
Summarize Written Text

Tips for Summarize Written Text

  • Determine the topic sentence and the supporting keywords and place them into the template.
  • Know the word limit (35-45 words). Make your sentences as concise and informative as possible.
  • Write in the third person form. Avoid using subjects like “I,” “we,” or “you”.
  • Include a summary in the final paragraph.
  • Ensure not to leave out any important information while summarizing the content.

Tips for the Essay

  • Stick to the word limit (200-300 words). 220 to 350 may be acceptable.
  • Include both negative or positive points in the introduction and the opposite point in the body paragraphs.

Write your essay using the following structure: 

  1. Introduction: Introduce the topic and any relevant information.
  2. Paragraph 1: Provide one idea supporting your argument.
  3. Paragraph 2: Provide another idea supporting your argument or give a counterargument.
  4. Conclusion: Briefly summarize the main points supporting your conclusion.

Writing tips and tricks

  • Memorize the template for each task.
  • Use words you are familiar with. Avoid trying to use too many complicated phrases.
  • Keep track of time in the writing section. Allocate your time properly and leave a few minutes at the end for review.
  • Always proofread and make any necessary edits to avoid grammatical errors.

PTE Reading section

There are five different types of questions in the Reading section sorted by importance as follows:

Question types
Level of importance
Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks
Fill in the Blanks
Reorder Paragraphs
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Tips for Fill in the Blanks task

  • Avoid wasting time on a blank. Fill in the easy blanks first instead of lingering on the difficult ones. You can always go back to complete it.
  • Use elimination techniques. Examining each option separately is a good idea to eliminate the wrong options.

Tips for Reorder Paragraphs task

  • Read all sentences carefully to get the text’s main idea and purpose.
  • Determine the topic sentence. Sentences with linking words are typically not topic sentences.
  • Focus on logical order. Identify sentences starting with “finally”, “first of all”, or similar and arrange them in the sequence of the events.

Reading tips and tricks

  • Spend more time on two Fill in the Blanks tasks, two minutes on Reorder Paragraphs tasks, and less than one minute answering each multiple-choice question.
  • Ensure to highlight key information as you read the entire section.
  • Read in your head. This way, you can maintain a high degree of attention.
  • Practice skimming and scanning. Skim until you find a text similar to the question. Slow down and scan it carefully.
  • Focus on every instruction and question before responding.
  • Develop a strong vocabulary and collocational language.
  • Master the grammar rules for reading.
  • Learn about negative markings to avoid losing points.

PTE Listening section

The Listening section has eight question types. Half of them score higher than the others.

Question types
Level of importance
Summarize Spoken Text
Fill in the Blanks
Highlight Incorrect Words
Write From Dictation
Highlight Correct Summary
Select Missing Word
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Tips for each task

  • Summarize Spoken Text task: Type in the text box on the screen while listening instead of writing in a notebook. You will remember more crucial phrases.
  • Fill in the Blanks task: Use tabs to move swiftly and read in your mind with the speaker. Type as quickly as possible and skip typos. You can fix it later.
  • Highlight Incorrect Words task: Pay closer attention by reading in your head along with the audio
  • Write From Dictation task: If you are unsure whether it is singular or plural, type both words in the textbox on the screen.

Listening tips and tricks

  • Close your eyes while listening to the audio for high focus.
  • Each audio will pause for 5 to 7 seconds before playing the next one. Do not wait if you cannot find the answer! Move on to the next question to save time.
  • Answer as quickly as possible. Once you get an answer, type it immediately into the textbox while maintaining attention on the playing audio.
  • Practice regularly and be familiar with different voices (male or female) and accents.

Other general preparation tips

Besides the above study strategies for each section, you need to be mindful of the following tips for an effective exam preparation process:

Find reliable study resources

Many PTE study resources on the internet may confuse you. The best way is to try them yourself and find the best one for your comfort and English level.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Do several mock tests to understand your current level.

Take notes on what you excel at and where you need improvement. You will know the next practice phase to maximize your score.

Practice makes perfect

Nothing is better than constant practice. Practice until you achieve your desired score.

Nevertheless, do not go mindlessly from one mock test to another without a proper strategy. Follow our study plan and manage your time wisely!

Looking for guidance and feedback

While you may solve the issues independently, do not ignore the PTE trainer’s advice and feedback.

Feel free to seek help if you have difficulty preparing for your PTE test.

PTE experts’ feedback is valuable to help you crack your PTE test. Get advice and re-work your problem. Try until you succeed!

Manage your time and energy

You should get enough rest the night before the test date. Once the test begins, you will have to focus on the test without any relaxation.

Do not look at the clock during the test. It can lead to haste and mistakes.

Stay calm and remember to allocate your time properly.


Is PTE 79 far away from you? It all depends on your current English level and the amount of effort.

Hope our PTE 79 preparation guide will help you get ready and pass your upcoming exam with flying colours.

Even if you fail to score 79, don’t give up! You might succeed on the second attempt and surpass PTE 79.

Please feel free to share with us and the other students if you have any helpful tips!

Contact us for the best guidance and PTE mock tests to hit your dream score.

Happy studying!

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