PTE Essay: Brainstorming

PTE Magic Essay Brainstorming

Have you ever experienced mind blanking when you’re doing the PTE Essay task? If you answer yes to this question, brainstorming might help.

In this article, we’re going to provide some ideas so you know how to approach some Essay questions.

  1. Should there be a wage cap for highly-paid people? Is it good or bad?

Side A (Good, yes there should be a maximum wage)
-to reduce the growing disparity between the rich and poor
-to ensure equality and good living standards for everyone
-to avoid negative consequences such as higher crime rate

Side B (Bad, no there should not be a cap)
-business leaders work hard and put in time and effort to lead the company, so they deserve high levels of pay
-if there is a salary cap, it might demotivate executives and thus lead to low productivity in the workplace

2. There are both problems and benefits for high school students to study plays and works of theatres written centuries ago. Discuss and use your own experience.

Benefits of studying plays and works of theatres written centuries ago
-they teach high school students traditional values and ancient history
-they can improve students’ appreciation for art

Problems of studying plays and works of theatres written centuries ago
-plays of the past are less useful in today’s world
-some traditional values and customs might be contradictory with modern values

3. Parents should be held legally responsible for the actions of their children. Do you agree with this opinion? Support your position with your own study, experience or observations.

Side A (Yes they should be legally responsible for their children’s actions)
-parents are role models for their children
-children learn the most from their parents
-what they do and say guides a child’s behaviours, attitudes and beliefs in the long term
-children learn good and bad behaviors by watching their parents, so that’s why parents are accountable to their children’s behaviours

Side B (No they should not be legally responsible for their children’s actions)
-when children are mature enough to make their own decisions, they should be held accountable to their actions
-children should learn from their mistakes because parents will not always be there
-most children have good parents, but they are negatively influenced by their peers, so it has nothing to do with their parents


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Last updated on 27/07/2023

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