PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks: 7 Tips to Higher Scores

pte listening fill in the blanks

PTE listening is one of four parts of the PTE test. It has a wide range of question types, requiring test-takers to practice industriously to be mature in all of them.

PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks is one of the most difficult ones you need to notice. 

In this blog, PTE Magic will provide an overview of this particular task, share tips to improve your performance, highlight common mistakes to avoid, and ultimately guide you toward success in the PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks section.

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Key Takeaways

  • PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks assesses test-takers listening and reading skills.
  • This task has many question types, requiring test-takers to practice industriously to be mature.
  • PTE Magic provides some tips to enhance your listening skills. To get a better result, you also need to avoid three common mistakes mentioned in this blog.


Overview of PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks

PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks is one type of question you can encounter in the PTE listening test.

It is designed to assess test-takers listening and reading skills. In this part, you will see a transcript. There are several blanks in that text. Your task is to fill all of this to make up a full passage.

You will listen to a short audio clip corresponding with the transcript, usually a sentence or a brief conversation. You need to write your answers while listening because it plays only once. The challenge lies not only in comprehending the spoken content but also in choosing the right words to complete the sentences accurately.

This task is more than just a vocabulary test, it requires you to understand the context and nuances of the conversation. You need to consider grammar, word form, and word order to ensure that your selected words fit seamlessly into the sentence. 

Accuracy and speed are key factors in this task, as you have limited time to complete it.

How to improve PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks Score?

pte listening fill in the blanks

Tip 1: Enhance your listening skills

First and foremost, improving your listening skills is essential for success in this task. You need to understand the general meaning of the recording to know what you need to fill in.

To practice, you can listen to a wide range of English accents and different types of content, such as podcasts, news, films,… However, remember that this is an academic test so the context of the audio can be different from materials you heard before.

While practicing, don’t forget to listen to many different accents to get acquainted with each of them. Because you will not know what accent you can see in the actual test.

Listening regularly will help you become more comfortable with various speaking styles and accents.

Tip 2: Focus on context

Knowing the context of the conversation is crucial for selecting the correct words. If you misunderstand the context, you may fill the wrong words for all the blanks. 

Adversely, understanding the settings of the passage can help you approach the right answers more closely.

Try to anticipate what kind of word would fit logically in the blank spaces based on the surrounding sentences. You also need to pay attention to verb tenses, subject-verb agreements, and word relationships within the context. 

In case you can not hear clearly which word can be filled, you can guess based on the context.

Tip 3: Expand your vocabulary

Vocabulary plays an important part in the listening test. While it’s not just a vocabulary test, having a rich vocabulary will undoubtedly help.

The more vocabulary you have, the more you can understand the audio.

Therefore, make it a habit to learn new words daily and practice using them in sentences. You can understand a new word thoroughly and find out exactly which one should be chosen in the blank.

Tip 4: Practice regularly

Practice is the key to improvement in any test. 

There are many PTE test simulation websites/apps nowadays. Test-takers can use it as a practice way every day to improve performance. PTE Magic is a such platform. 

Using PTE Magic, you can approach the latest test materials to practice, which is absolutely helpful for your test.

Don’t forget to try to answer as many Fill in the Blanks questions as possible under timed conditions. Regular practice will help you become more comfortable with the task format and the time constraints.

Tip 5: Manage your time wisely

The PTE Listening module has a strict time limit, so time management is crucial. 

Try not to dwell on any one question for too long. If you’re unsure about a particular blank, make an educated guess and move on. You can always return to it later if time permits.

Tip 6: Follow the text provided

It is better if you follow up the transcript along with the recording. It means you let your eyes move at the same speed as the audio. 

For example, when you hear “There are many problems in our environment”, you also read this phrase in the transcript at the same time.

This way will help you catch up with the meaning better and make it easier to recognize which word to fill. 

Tip 7: Take-note strategy

Some people have the habit of taking notes in listening tests. 

However, in the Fill in the Blanks part, test-takers have to listen and fill in at the same time. It’s better if you decide what to take note, of and what to write directly in the blanks.

It does not always have time for you to take notes and then fill in the transcript. 

There are some risks you can face such as notes not transferring enough meaning to choose words to fill, missing some important parts of the audio, and so on.

Therefore, you should combine both of them to get the best result.

3 Common mistakes to avoid in PTE listening fill in the blanks

Ignoring grammar

While filling the gaps, some people overlook grammar principles such as verb tense, word form, prepositions, and so on. 

Neglecting grammar and sentence structure can lead to incorrect answers. Therefore, be sure to choose words that fit the context grammatically.

Homophones errors

Homophones mention some words having the same pronunciation but different meanings and spellings. You need to notice this when taking Fill in the Blanks section because it is easy to be confused. 

You might choose the wrong word if you hear and write as nature only. You need to consider to context, and surrounding phases to decide what to fill exactly.

To avoid this regretful situation, you have to hear the recording carefully to catch up overall meaning. It is necessary to read the context to find out the right answers as well. 

Panic under pressure

Mental pressure is an inevitable status, that test-takers might encounter in the test. With a limitation of time, people have to focus as much as possible and try to keep calm to do their best. 

Sometimes it can be counterproductive. You can feel panic if miss out on a blank or be disconcerted in case the upward test is not as expected. The more panic you are, the worse the result can be.

It would help if you learned to overcome it. Don’t let the panic restrain your ability. 

You can avoid this by practicing regularly and developing time management strategies. Doing trial tests at home as much as possible, strive to upgrade your competence to not be scared,… These are some ways you can try to have a steady mind even when taking a PTE test.


The PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks section is a test of your listening skills, vocabulary, grammar, and time management abilities. Above are some tips you can apply to enhance your listening skills.

Besides, you also need to avoid common mistakes to get a better result.

Success in the PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks task is achievable with dedicated effort and the right approach. 

Regular practice and a thorough understanding of the task’s requirements will undoubtedly boost your confidence and overall PTE score.

Last updated on 28/06/2024

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