PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer: What to Know

All You Need To Know About PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer

Multiple choice is a  familiar question in many English Academy tests. In the PTE test, you can cope with this in this type in the Listening section. It is a challenging task that a lot of test-takers get trouble with. 

Compared with multiple choice in the reading section, it is more difficult to keep focus on the recording to find the correct answer. So, how to overcome this block?

In this short guide, PTE Magic will delve into the PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer task, offering you an overview, and providing invaluable tips to help you improve your score and enhance your test-taking experience.

Let’s take a look.


Overview of PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer 

All You Need To Know About PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer

The PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer is a type of question in the Listening section. 

This task assesses your ability to comprehend spoken English and make accurate inferences from the audio content provided. 

You will hear a recording lasting from 30 to 60 seconds typically a conversation or monologue. There is a question with multiple options attached to that audio. Your task is to choose the best answer among those.

You have 5 seconds to skim the provided text briefly. After that, the recording will play automatically. 

Remember that the audio will play only once, therefore, you should concentrate 100% on listening to grasp the meaning and choose the correct answer.

With every correct option, you will receive one point. There is no negative score for this part. Thus, even when you are not sure about the answer, you can choose it randomly.

8 Tips to Improve PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer Score

To get a high score on the PTE test, you should have an effective strategy to practice and take the test. Below are 8 tips we conclude, let’s discover to achieve a better result.

Tip #1: Make sure to read the questions before listening

Before the audio starts, you usually have 5 seconds to prepare. At this time, it’s better to skim through the question-and-answer options. You can get an overview of the question’s topic and upcoming recording. 

You can jot down a few keywords or phrases related to the question if necessary. This will help you maintain focus during the audio clip and quickly identify relevant information.

Tip #2: Understand the recording

When listening, you should focus on these factors: context, main idea, and supporting details

  • Context: The first thing you should get is the context of the recording. Is it a conversation between two people? A lecture? Or a news? Understanding the context will help you anticipate the type of information that might be presented and guide your listening.
  • Main idea: As you listen to the audio, it’s necessary to focus on the main idea or the key points being discussed. Not all the details are related closely to the main idea. Understanding what the audio mentions will help you filter out irrelevant information and make it easier to choose the correct answer.
  • Supporting details: Sometimes, in this task, you may be required to identify specific details or facts. Therefore, you should be alert to numbers, names, dates, and any other particulars that may be relevant to the question.

If it is too difficult to grasp all the important ideas, you can take note of several key points, which you find crucial. In this way, you can understand the audio better.

Getting to know the meaning of the recording will help you approach the correct answers more closely. 

Tip #3: Take note

Many people find it difficult to grasp all the meaning of the recording. Therefore, taking notes is a solution for you if you can not remember what you have heard. 

However, don’t try to write down all you listen to. It is the wrong way of approaching. Writing down word by word is barely a waste of time and is ineffective at all. You also find it hard to sum up information when choosing answers. 

You should note the key points, what you think are important only. By this, you can easily connect the single idea to understand the overall meaning and choose the right answer.

Tip #4: Keep concentrate

Concentration is key for all the tests, especially the listening section.

Many people get stuck catching up with the speed of the audio and distracted, which leads to missing out on the overall content. Once the concentration can not remain, test-takers can lose track easily.

Therefore, try to focus all the time on the PTE test to pick up the most appropriate answer.

Don’t take too much time on a question

You have limited time to accomplish the test. Therefore, don’t spend too much time to dip into a specific question even when you don’t know what to choose. 

If you find it difficult, leave it behind and move to another question. You can go back and review it later. Or you can make an educated guess right at that time. 

Remember to keep an eye on the timer, as you need to pace yourself to answer all questions within the allocated time.

Tip #5: Visualize while listening

People tend to remember what can be expressed by image more than by sound.

It is better to visualize the landscape while you listening to the audio. You can remember and catch the meaning of the recording better when you have an image of it. Drafting a picture in your mind can be more effective in getting a higher score. 

Tip #6: Keep calm 

Taking tests under time pressure is a big challenge, which makes many people panic and can not show optimal competence. 

Test anxiety can affect your performance. You should try to control your emotion and keep it calm. Practicing relaxation techniques is a solution for you. When you feel too nervous, you can take a deep breath or a sip of water to stabilize your mind. 

Remember that this is just one part of the overall PTE exam. Don’t let pressure beat you. 

Tip #7: Practice regularly

There is not any other possible option to upgrade your score but practicing. 

At first, you can enhance your overall listening skills by actively watching TV shows, listening to your favorite podcasts, and so on. In this way, it will be easier to grasp the nuances of spoken English, which is crucial for this task.

If you find the above mean is too difficult to upgrade your score, you can choose another way, To be closer to the actual test, trying the simulation test is the best for you. PTE Magic is a website, by which you can approach the newest types of questions, trial tests, preparation materials, and so on. 

It is better if you simulate the surrounding conditions the same as the actual test as closely as possible. You can use noise-canceling headphones, a quiet space, and a computer-based test platform to adapt to real testing conditions. Through this, you will be more familiar with the actual test.

Taking sample questions in PTE Magic will build confidence and improve your proficiency in this task.

Tip #8: Review your answers

Before submitting your answers, take a moment to review your choices. Ensure that the selected answer aligns with the information from the audio. It’s easy to make mistakes in the heat of the moment, so a quick review can save valuable points.

In addition, don’t forget to carefully review the questions you doubt about. Let’s try to analyze the context of the listened recording as well as options to pick out the most appropriate one.

With the others, reviewing also helps you ensure your answers and find out mistakes if any. For every wrong option, you should identify patterns in your mistakes and work on improving those specific areas.


In conclusion, the PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer task is a challenging but essential component of the PTE exam. Mastering this task requires a combination of active listening, critical thinking, and effective test-taking strategies. 

With the above tips we provided, you can significantly enhance your performance in this section. Remember to practice regularly, manage your time wisely, and remain calm during the test. 

With dedication and these invaluable tips, you can improve your PTE Listening Multiple Choice Single Answer score and move one step closer to achieving your academic or professional goals.

Last updated on 15/11/2023

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