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pte introduction

Though the PTE introduction does not fetch your score, it’s a chance to impress the admission officers. This section is considered a voice signature in which you will provide basic information about yourself.

With that saying, you should not neglect the part but give a response in the best way. It will be sent to different universities, the immigration department, and the visa office. So, make sure you know how to do it properly.

Yet, don’t be nervous. Let’s dig into the details in the article below to have the best personal introduction for your PTE test.

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What Is PTE Personal Introduction?

pte introduction

PTE introduction is the first step to start your PTE exam. You’ll be asked to provide information about yourself in a few sentences. The screen will show some sample questions for you to base on and form your answer.

The PTE introduction time includes 25 seconds to prepare your speech and 30 seconds to speak on the microphone. Your performance will be recorded and sent to where you apply your documents. Therefore, it’s a good chance to make a good impression.

In general, you will need to answer about:

  • Your name, age, residence location
  • Your highest education
  • Your interests
  • Your future goal
  • The reasons you need to learn English
  • The reasons you want to study abroad
  • Your purpose of taking this test


Is This Section Scored?

The introduction in PTE will not be scored despite being recorded and evaluated by admission officers. In other words, this section will not generally affect your final result. However, it’s still important to perform it well.

As it’s the first thing the listeners will hear from you, it’s better to “score” in their hearts. If you have a successful start, you will create a positive impression about yourself. 

Set aside the issue of scoring; the PTE introduction is useful when there’s a dispute with the identification of the examinee. The authority will play the record again to confirm the test taker’s information.

How To Record Your Introduction Properly?

The recording process may confuse beginners. Even if you’ve heard or known how it will be, it’s still advisable to learn about it again so you will not get nervous and confused when the section begins.

First, before starting, you should ensure the proper function of your headphones and microphone. Check it several times if needed.

The record will not start immediately. You’ll have 25 seconds to prepare thoughts for a perfect answer. Then, you’ll be given 30 seconds to deliver your speech.

The recording process only officially happens when your microphone opens. You’ll hear a beep sound, indicating you can begin to speak. Make sure that you don’t start before that; otherwise, information will not be recorded.

You should try to manage the time and information during these 30 seconds. You should provide as much information as you can (but should be clear and coherent). Always remember to wrap up your answer at some last seconds so your record will not sound interrupted. 

Suggestions to structuralize your speech will appear on the screen. Feel free to change the consequence (in a logical way) and add more information if you want while recording.

Some Tips For Acing The PTE Introduction

A successful introduction is a good start for the following sections. Here are some tips for you to deliver your best performance in this part:

  • You want to leave a good impression on the listeners and, thus, show your confidence while speaking. Don’t be nervous even if you realize you have made a mistake. Try to keep a good pace and complete the section.
  • Remember, pitch moderation of your voice is important. It will help you sound more natural but not like a robot and keep listeners engaged.
  • Speak loudly and clearly. It’s also a way to show your confidence.
  • A proper pause when you finish a sentence is crucial to keep your speech organized.
  • Consider using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to maintain the necessary coherence and cohesion. When you logically organize the sentences, the listeners will understand you easily and give a good evaluation. Some of the conjunctions you can use include and, or, but, although, unless, so, since, because, etc.
  • The last tip is to relax and sound naturally confident. You may not want to show the administration officers that you memorized the text and do a rehearsal. 

A Simple PTE Introduction Template 

Below is the template for your reference:

My name is (your full name). I am (…years old). I’m from/I’m currently living in (your address/ location). I have graduated from (university name). Now, I am working as (job title) at (company name). My hobby is/I’m interested in/ I like (tell about your favorite activities). I want to take the PTE test today to test my English skills as a requirement of (the university or visa application).

Still not clear? We will include here a PTE introduction sample.

Hello. My name is Ken. I am 25 years old. I’m from Australia. I have a master’s degree from the University of Technology. My major was computing. Now, I’m working as an IT freelancer based in Sydney, Australia. I’m fond of reading books, cycling, and jogging. My purpose of the test today is to test my English skills and apply for a visa to the US as I want to improve my career. 


PTE introduction will not affect the total score of your PTE exam. However, you should not underestimate and ignore preparing for this part. This section will mark your first impression with the admission officers, let them know about your background, and offer a positive start for the rest of your test. 

You need to tell the listeners about your basic information based on a logical and clear order. All the responses will be recorded and used when required.

Last updated on 07/09/2023

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