PTE Reading And Writing Fill in The Blanks: Tips & Tricks

pte reading and writing fill in the blanks

Reading And Writing: Fill in The Blanks is the most important task in the Reading section of the PTE test. However, it also is a nightmare for many test-takers who do not have the right approach and practice.

Why is it so challenging and how to overcome it?

In this blog, PTE Magic will introduce the PTE Reading And Writing: Fill in The Blanks and offer valuable insights, actionable steps, and expert tips to help test-takers ace this challenging segment.


Overview of PTE Reading And Writing Fill in The Blanks

pte reading and writing fill in the blanks

Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks is a type of question in the Reading section of the PTE test. It not only evaluates a candidate’s ability to comprehend written passages but also demonstrates grammatical accuracy.

In this task, you will see a passage on the screen, usually containing about 300 words in length. However, it is not a full one. There are several blanks in the passages. It requires you to choose the right answer and fill in the paragraph to make up a meaningful one. With every blank, you can see a dropdown containing possible options to select. 

You can encounter this task 4-5 times per Reading test. This is the most difficult question and contributes the highest portion to the Reading score.

With every right answer, you will gain one point. There are no negative marks in this task so you will not lose points if choosing the wrong one. 

With this characteristic, in case you struggle with a hard question, you can choose the answer randomly without caution.

3 steps to do PTE Reading And Writing Fill in The Blanks 

There is not any standard guideline for this task but below are 3 steps that 50,000+ students find effective to approach.

Step 1: Skim the text

First of all, it is essential to understand the overall meaning of the passage. You can skim to grasp the idea of the text quickly. 

Getting the main topic of the passage will assist you a lot in selecting the right answer, ensuring coherence and logical flow within the given context. 

It is challenging to choose the most suitable word to fill if you don’t know what the passage discusses.

Step 2: Scan to catch the details and select an answer

After getting the topic of the passage, you need to read the details, especially focusing on sentences containing the blank. Read one by one and don’t miss out on any detail.

You should notice the sentence before and after it to understand the context as well. The correct option needs to correspond with the surrounding sentences.

In addition, remember to pay attention to grammar, and the relationships between words, clauses, and sentences. 

Recognize the parts of speech and understand how they function within the sentence. This analytical approach is crucial for choosing the right words to fill in the blanks, enhancing both grammatical accuracy and overall coherence.

Step 3: Review

After choosing the answer, let’s allocate time to review it. 

Look at your final choice and try to explain why it is true, and how it contributes to the overall context. Try to make sure your choice is right the first time. Being too wondering about provided options can take more time.

In case you find it difficult to pick a choice, you can use context clues to make a guess. There are no negative marks for this task so don’t be too worried.

5 Tips to Improve Score of Reading And Writing Fill in The Blanks 

Expand Your Vocabulary

A rich and varied vocabulary is essential for success in the Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks section. Lacking word resources will make it difficult to understand the general context and select the right answer.

To enrich your vocabulary, you can engage in regular reading of diverse materials, including newspapers, articles, and literature, to expose yourself to different words and contexts. 

However, daily materials can be too formal, and not academic enough to deal with the test. Therefore, it is better if you reach out to the academic articles.

Besides, you also can use vocabulary-building tools and apps to enhance your word bank, ensuring you can confidently choose the most suitable words to complete the blanks.

Enhance Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading comprehension skill is an indispensable factor in excelling in this segment. It directly affects your performance not only for this task but also for all the Reading tests.

You need to practice reading passages of varying complexity and genres to understand the general context as well as widen your knowledge and vocabulary at the same time.

It is also necessary to develop the ability to identify key ideas, understand implied meanings, and make inferences. 

Strengthening these skills will empower you to navigate through the passages more efficiently, allowing for accurate word selection when filling in the blanks in this important but challenging task.

Wisely manage time

As you know, you have about 30-40 minutes to finish the Reading section so you need to allocate time to each single question effectively.

You should spend a maximum of 2 minutes on this question. If you take too much time on it, the test of test may lack time, and may not accomplish well.

The solution to this problem is to practice under time pressure. Regular practice under timed conditions will not only improve your speed but also enhance your ability to maintain accuracy while working within the given time constraints.

In addition, remember to put a limited time for every question. If you find yourself spending more than allowed, make a guess and move on, don’t linger too long.

Practice, practice, and practice

This is the most important step for all the tests. Practicing is the shortest way leading to your dream score.

The most ideal proposal is to take some mock tests on a simulation platform. It is key to building confidence and familiarity with the PTE format.

PTE Magic is a such platform you can consider. We provide a wide range of mock tests for all users. It’s totally free. The actual test’s interface, format, time pressure and will be displayed on your screen.

Moreover, after your test, our AI will analyze your results to point out your weaknesses and strengths, by which, we can offer a suitable practice route to improve your score.

Learn from mistakes

Never give up and learn from mistakes are the next tip you need to know. You can gain an under-expected score at first, but no problem, it is a precious lesson to find out your issues and fix them the next time.

Try to examine the reason why you make a mistake, why your choice is wrong, and why another is the correct one to understand the task more and improve your performance gradually.


Mastering the PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks section requires a strategic blend of linguistic skills, critical thinking, and time management. 

By approaching in the right way, and applying effective strategies, test-takers can navigate this segment with confidence. 

Take your PTE preparation with diligence, and let the acquired insights from this guide propel you towards success in the challenging yet rewarding Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks section.

Last updated on 22/01/2024

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