PTE Reading Fill In the Blanks: 7 Tips to Master the Test!

PTE Reading Fill in The Blanks Tips

Reading Fill in The Blanks is a type of question you can encounter when taking the PTE Reading section. Mastering the “Fill in the Blanks” task is essential for achieving a high score on the PTE test.

So how can you gain an excellent score in this task?

Let’s find the answers in this blog.

In this short guide, PTE Magic will provide an overview of the PTE Reading Fill in The Blanks and offer 7 tips and tricks to enhance your performance.


Overview of the PTE Reading Fill in The Blanks

PTE Reading Fill in The Blanks Tips

Fill in The Blanks question will assess your ability to comprehend a passage and identify the most appropriate words or phrases to make up a meaningful paragraph.

In this part, you cope with an unfull text, containing about 80 words. There are several missing words presented by the blanks. Your task is to choose the most appropriate word from a dropdown menu, filling up the passage. 

The most challenging part of this task is finding words that not only fit grammatically but also maintain the coherence and meaning of the passage.

The texts can cover a range of topics, from academic to general interest, making it imperative for test-takers to be versatile in their language skills.

To get a high score on this task, you have to not only understand the context but also be well aware of grammar, vocabulary, and other reading skills.

You can encounter this question 4-5 times in a test. With every correct answer, you will gain one score. You will not lose any points if you choose the wrong one.

There are no negative marks in this question so in case you don’t know what is the correct answer, you can choose randomly. Don’t leave any blanks apart!

7 Tips to Improve Reading Fill in The Blanks 

Fill in The Blanks is not the most difficult part of the Reading section. However, don’t underestimate it unless you can pay much for it. Below are 7 tips you can apply to get a better performance in the Reading Fill in The Blanks.

Tip #1: Scanning and skimming

Scanning and skimming are two crucial techniques when taking the reading test.

You should scan the passage for keywords related to the missing information. Look for nouns, verbs, and adjectives that can help you identify the required words. 

Additionally, skimming is good to get an overview of the passage. 

Combining two techniques not only saves time but also ensures that your choices align with the central ideas presented in the text.

Tip #2: Understand the context

Before diving into the options, let’s take a few moments to grasp the overall theme and context of the passage. You should try to understand the main idea of the passage, the tone of the text, and the relevant details to give out the most correct answer.

This foundational understanding will guide your choices as you fill in the blanks

Tip #3: Get to understand grammar

Paying attention to the grammatical structure of the sentences surrounding the blanks is the next considerable note you should get. 

The chosen words should seamlessly integrate with the provided sentence, maintaining proper subject-verb agreement, tense, and overall coherence. By understanding the grammar, you also can eliminate some unfit answers.

In addition, you also need to be cautious of common grammatical mistakes, such as singular/plural mismatches or verb tense inconsistencies.

Understanding grammar clues can help you choose the most appropriate answer.

Tip #4: Widen your vocabulary range

Widen your vocabulary range

It is inevitable to have a rich vocabulary to conquer this task. Although the passage is not too long, you need to understand it and the options fully to choose the correct answer.

Only one word, that you can not understand, can be an obstacle to getting the overall meaning of the paragraph. 

Therefore, it is better if you enrich your vocabulary range at first. It is not only useful for this task but also for other types of questions.

To widen your words understanding, you should read more and more. At first, you can approach simple text, such as magazines, newspapers,… Then, you can learn new words directly from academic articles to improve your vocabulary.

Tip #5: Predict the answer

It is not always you can make sure about the answer. In this case, you can predict the answer based on grammar and context clues. You will not lose your score if you make the wrong choice. Let’s guess logically if you don’t know the answer exactly.

In addition, you can try to predict the missing words before looking at the options provided.

This approach engages your comprehension skills and helps you anticipate the author’s intended message. 

Once you have a predicted word or phrase in mind, finding the closest match among the options becomes a more focused and efficient task.

Tip #6: Efficient time management

Remember that you have limited time to finish this task so allocate time appropriately to accomplish the test well.

You should not spend too much time on a particular question. It can affect badly the rest of the test. In case you find it difficult to choose the answer, make a guess and move next. Or you can mark it to come back later if you have time.

Tip #7: Practice with the mock tests

Like any skill, mastering PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks requires consistent practice. It is better if you try to be familiar with various types of texts, topics, and question structures. 

Practice under timed conditions can enhance your efficiency significantly. In addition, don’t forget to analyze your mistakes to understand patterns and refine your approach.

Utilizing online resources and mock tests is the best way to simulate exam conditions and hone your skills in real-time. PTE Magic is an outstanding choice you can consider.

In PTE Magic, we provide the newest questions with effective tips you can apply in the test. Otherwise, your test result will be analyzed by AI. By that, your competence can be reflected in detail and exactly.


In conclusion, excelling in the PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks task demands a combination of strategic thinking, language proficiency, and effective time management. 

By understanding the context, employing careful scanning, and applying grammatical principles, you can navigate this section with confidence.

Applying the above tips to your preparation routine will undoubtedly enhance your performance and contribute to a successful outcome in the PTE Academic exam.

However, remember that practice makes perfect, so dedicate time to regular practice sessions to refine your skills and approach.

Last updated on 14/12/2023

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