PTE Test Reference Number: Things You Need to Know

PTE Test Reference Number

Booking the PTE exam for the first time? You may wonder what the PTE reference number is and what it is for.

No matter how many times you’ve taken the PTE exam, knowing your PTE exam reference number will make your exam process more convenient than ever.

And in this post, PTE Magic will help you understand more about this number.

What is the test reference number in the PTE scorecard?

The PTE test reference number (or the registration ID or PTE ID) is a unique 9-digit identification code given to each test taker when registering for this Pearson test.

You can find your PTE test reference number on the right side of your photo in the PTE score report card.

What is this registration ID used for?

pte test reference number

The PTE reference number is used to identify candidates throughout the registration, scheduling, and score announcement.

You can use your PTE registration number to book PTE tests, check your exam status, view your score, and do other test-related activities.

This is a unique ID created for each test-taker. It is different from your passport or ID number. Therefore, ensure to keep your PTE registration number safe.

You should report to the PTE support team if you have lost or cannot access or verify your PTE exam reference number. They will help you retrieve the registration ID or other information.

How can you get your PTE ID for your next PTE test?

To get a PTE ID, follow the same steps when registering for the PTE exam.

  1. Go to Pearson PTE website
  2. Click the “Book Now” button
  3. Select the test centre and test date
  4. Complete your information and submit the registration form to create a myPTE account
  5. After creating an account, you will receive a PTE reference number to schedule your PTE test and check your test results.

Alternatively, you can ask the test centre for your PTE ID.


So have you found out your PTE test reference number yet? Remember it for the first test and the next (if any)!

Feel free to contact us if you have any difficulty registering or preparing for the PTE exam. We are always ready to support you.

Last updated on 29/02/2024

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