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pte tips tricks strategies

Are you really into conquering the PTE Academic test with flying colors?

If so, you must get some tips & instructions to improve your score. However, among many suggestions that flooded the Internet, which are effective and reliable?

Understanding your demand, in today’s post, PTE Magic will list some of our best tips & tricks that have helped thousands of test-takers achieve their desired results. Read on to discover good approaches to mastering the PTE Academic test confidently and easily!

Key Takeaways

  • One of the top tips is to have an overview of the different types of repeated questions you will encounter in the exam.
  • Some highly-repeated fields in the PTE exam that you should consider include culture, sports, environment, technology, media, and education.
  • Keep reading to discover the remaining proven tips from high exam scorers.


Top 9 PTE Practice Tips and Tricks from High Exam Scorers

pte tips tricks strategies

The PTE test can help you prove your English proficiency with four main skills: writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Nevertheless, it is not easy to get your aimed scores without effort. Following are some of the best tips before starting the PTE academic exam: 

PTE tip #1: Have a Deep Understanding of PTE 

One of the essential tips is to have an overview of the different types of repeated questions you will encounter in the exam. Following the previous PTE test, you must answer 20 questions in four sections, from writing to listening. 

On the exam official day, you can check some outstanding instances about these relevant questions. 

  • Re-tell Lecture tasks – You must summarize a lecture or conversation you have just listened to from the question.
  • Re-order Paragraphs tasks – You are required to arrange the sentences in a logical order to make the text meaningful.
  • Summarize Written Text tasks – These tasks ask you to write a summary of a text or passage you have read.  

PTE tip #2:Have Different Strategies for Each Section 

You tend to feel more self-confident when you have different exam strategies to flex each skill:

  • The Writing section: Clarify proper templates and manage your time at the maximum level. Remember to write coherent sentences, avoid typos, and answer the prompt. 
  • The Speaking section: Stay calm and take it slowly if you struggle to arrange your ideas (but don’t take too long pauses). Remember to practice frequently and talk loud enough to record the entirety of your voice.
  • The Reading section: Skim the text and highlight keywords as much as possible. Read carefully and try your best to find a match. 
  • The Listening section: Keep concentrating, and don’t answer too quickly. The PTE academic exam gives you enough time to answer some tasks. Remember to practice listening to different accents. 


PTE tip #3:Get Familiar with Various Topics 

If you feel tired when only listening from the PTE listening tests, you can get familiar with various content through similar topics. Common sources include documentaries, dramas, postcards, and vlogs. 

Some highly-repeated fields in the PTE exam that you should consider include culture, sports, environment, technology, media, and education. Recent PTE examinations are also valuable sources to forecast a limited range to review. However, it will be safer to follow all.

When you practice the PTE academic mock tests, you can collect various vocabulary and approach these topics more frequently. This is ideal for you to attain the desired score. 

PTE tip #4:Structure Your PTE Answers 

It would help you to learn how to organize your answers logically and clearly. It can help you save time and express your ideas effectively with good grammar under the time pressure in the exam.

IDEA is one of the most famous acronyms to remember when practicing the PTE writing skill (Describe Image). You can understand as Identify, Describe, Explain, and Analyze your answer. 

We don’t commit that this structure is right for all situations; you can use it to improve your English transmission and score.

PTE tip #5:Use Your Words and Keep Logical Answers 

Always following the memorized script steals your chance of gaining higher scores, as there is a lack of flexibility and creativity.

In this situation, we suggest using your own words and making the best coherent answer possible when participating in the exam day. This allows you to understand your solution and easily focus on other parts of the questions. 

You can search more about the structure “PIE” when giving answers in the exam. In particular:

  • Point: What is your main argument on the prompt? Do you oppose it or not?
  • Illustrate: Which are persuasive examples relating to your argument? 
  • Explain: Why do you think your opinions are right? 

PTE tip #6:Keep Constant Practices 

You cannot succeed in your PTE test if you don’t practice. Therefore, practicing plays an important role in promoting your PTE score a lot. If you don’t find or know any useful for this, let’s try some resources on PTE Magic:

All resources above can help you to familiarize the PTE question format and practice your independence during the exam. Only by practicing can you ace the PTE challenges. 

You can get free and paid PTE documents from the PTE Magic website. Please carefully consider your demands to select the proper materials.

PTE tip #7:Control Study Timetable 

Your proper timetable leads you on the right track to the desired PTE results and performance on the official exam day. It’s best to schedule enough time for each skill and section. You should find your weaknesses and strengths to establish your practicing time effectively. 

For example, if you are good at reading and writing, you can spend around one hour daily on each skill. 

By contrast, if you feel uncomfortable speaking, remember to practice your accent and pronunciation more. The ideal time from the two above is to increase your response ability and flexibility in any situation. 

You can combine two skills at once, like listening to English-speaking videos and shadowing them after that. Many learners highly recommend it because it helps them to detect different accents. 

It would be best to balance the timetable between the PTE strategies and practices for the best result. If you are too busy to map out a plan, then turn to PTE Magic training courses, where you can find both expert-sharing strategies and engaging practice classes.

Don’t forget to combine your study time with other activities like leisure to have more happiness while experiencing the PTE test.

PTE tip #8:Keep Your Confidence and Comfort

The PTE can be an opportunity to show your abilities and skills. If you want to express them best, remember to reinforce your self-confidence and comfort when dealing with any format and tasks. 

Self-confidence can help you overcome anxiety effectively and prepare yourself mentally for the important day. Additionally, being comfortable is key to avoiding fatigue and distraction for more fluent communication in English.  

PTE tip #9:Learn More Vocabulary 

You should use common vocabulary in the PTE examination, such as academic terms, idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs, and more. You can apply them flexibly in different situations, strengthening four skills and upgrading your English proficiency.


Following the PTE tips and tricks can make you more self-confident and perform well on the official day. You must prepare and practice PTE materials with wise strategies to achieve your desired score. Don’t stretch yourself too thin before the test day to express your skill the best.

Last updated on 20/06/2024

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