Top 4 Best PTE Tools That Will Get You Higher Scores Quick!

pte tools

PTE has increasingly gained prominence in the race for international English proficiency tests.

Many students switch to the PTE exam instead of IELTS or TOEFL for various reasons such as low cost, shortened exam preparation process, and more.

Indeed, your PTE preparation will be much easier if you get the support of PTE tools.

In this guide, PTE Magic will introduce several useful PTE tools to help you get the highest possible score.

What are PTE tools used for?

pte tools

PTE tools act as study resources or “study buddies” (as we dearly call them), supporting us while preparing for the PTE exam. They include platforms, exam preparation apps, eBooks, online courses, and more.

PTE tools give you access to PTE exam guides along with practice tests. Moreover, they help you measure your real-time performance using key answers or even the most precise and strong AI scoring system.

The results of the PTE practice tests will assist students in understanding and reflecting on what they learn to help them to perform better and achieve a higher score on the actual PTE exam.

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4 Best Practical PTE Tools for Effective Preparation

PTE MAGIC Online Practice Platform

PTE MAGIC Online Practice platform is an interactive self-study platform, ideal for students looking for flexible learning. It allows you to learn wherever you are, whether on the bus or in the park. 

This platform employs advanced AI to make your study stress-free and effective. What you will get:

  •  8800+ question bank

PTE MAGIC Online Practice platform features a variety of interactive practice tasks with answer keys for four PTE skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

Our AI system will score all your submitted Speaking responses. The best part is you can practice with free questions and get scored before subscribing.

We continually update the newest questions to be as close to the actual exam as possible.

  • Scored Al mock tests with detailed reports

There is no need to go; you can test yourself at home using the MAGIC platform’s PTE-scored practice exams.

Our real-time AI will score Speaking & Writing-related tasks with high accuracy and objective. After each mock test, you will get instant feedback on every answer.

These AI-scored mock tests can help you determine strengths and areas requiring improvement. Plus, they give you a sense of a real-world testing environment.

Moreover, our mock tests are purposefully designed to be more difficult to guarantee your PTE goal.

What’s more? The platform will provide a PTE guide with tips and tricks to improve your reading speed, challenging vocabulary, etc. This way, you can boost your overall score in your upcoming exam.

  • 2-hour video course

Go for the PTE MAGIC 2-hour video course if you have no time to attend an offline class and need a more flexible way.

MAGIC experienced trainers have developed and delivered all video content. They have supported thousands of students to ace their PTE exams with high scores

What you get:

  • Video tutorials for all four modules
  • Essential tips, study plans, and templates
  • Bonus AI practice and a scored mock test

You can score higher after the PTE short video course featuring templates specifically designed to pass the PTE test.

Online Courses With PTE Trainers

Want to learn in a structured environment with experienced trainers? Go for an online course.

PTE MAGIC offers online training courses for your PTE preparation. PTE MAGIC online tutors are all certified by PTE Academic and IELTS, ensuring their proficiency and ability to help students achieve the highest possible scores.

PTE MAGIC’s online courses satisfy all of your English score goals at any English level. You can enrol in one of the three courses listed below:

Crash Course

  • 2-week methods and tips live classes with a trainer.
  • 30-day PTE simulation platform with real question bank access.
  • 1 scored mock test with trainer feedback.

Super Course

  • Unlimited live classes in 8 weeks.
  • 90-day PTE simulation platform with real question bank access.
  • 3 x scored mock test with trainer feedback.
  • Practice classes with the updated REAL exam questions.
  • Weekly homework check and feedback from trainers.

Ultimate Course

  • Unlimited live classes in 6 months.
  • 180-day PTE simulation platform with real question bank access.
  • 6 x scored mock test with the head trainer Moni’s feedback.
  • Essential methods and tips classes. Practice classes with the updated REAL exam questions.
  • Study plan, templates, special PTE tips and tricks.
  • Special PRIVATE GROUP SUPPORT with the head trainer Moni.
  • Weekly homework check and feedback from trainers.

eBook How To Pass PTE In 7 Days

How To Pass PTE In 7 Days from PTE MAGIC will be your magic tool if you urgently need a quick yet effective guide in a short time. This 7-day study plan will help you defeat the PTE test on your first attempt.

This eBook includes several test hacks with a 98% success rate and the secrets underlying machine scoring patterns.

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Official PTE Academic Packages by Pearson

Pearson offers students the following official PTE tools to facilitate their PTE study.

  • Official Guide to PTE Academic: Expert advice and plenty of additional digital practice tools in a handy eBook.
  • Scored Practice Tests: Same as the actual test, with a complete score report. After completing the practice test, Score Report will be available the next day to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  • PTE Academic Question Bank: Include 300 practice questions with sample answers.


Looking for PTE study resources may be challenging and time-consuming because of the numerous materials out there. 

The above PTE tools ensure access to the most reliable PTE study material available. Plus, they will save you much study time and guarantee the most effective PTE preparation.

PTE MAGIC tools promise to give you the full test-day experience. Contact us today!

Last updated on 01/08/2023

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