PTE Voucher: How to Get One For Your Next Test?

PTE Vouchers

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the most affordable English proficiency tests compared to other popular ones. Additionally, Pearson offers a PTE voucher to help candidates register for the exam at the best price.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Studying abroad or immigrating always costs you a large amount. Small vouchers for the exam might be significant to save a little.

In this post, PTE Magic will tell you more about these vouchers and how to get them.

What are these vouchers & what are they used for?

pte voucher

A PTE voucher (or PTE Prepaid Voucher or PTE Promo Code) is a discount voucher by which you can book a PTE test at a lower price than the actual exam fee.

It uses a valid 12-digit alphanumeric code to pay the PTE test and PTE UKVI fees on the Pearson website.

It’s also a payment option available to schedule the PTE Test online.

That means you can use a PTE voucher code as a full payment for the exam instead of other common payment methods such as credit or debit cards.


Where can you use the voucher?

PTE vouchers can apply for three different PTE test types:

  • PTE Academic & Online
  • PTE Academic UKIV
  • PTE Home

How do I get a Pearson PTE voucher for my test?

You will get a list of vouchers for many tests. Scroll down and choose PTE Academic, PTE UKVI & PTE Home.

A new window will appear. You will have more information about purchasing a PTE voucher.

  • Select a PTE exam

Choose between three different PTE exam types: PTE Academic & Online, PTE Academic UKIV, and PTE Home.

You can download the pricing spreadsheet of each PTE test here. Since the prices may change, you should download the spreadsheet each time you buy a voucher to get the newest prices.

Note that prices do not include any membership discounts, applicable taxes, promotions, or vouchers.

  • Complete the order form for vouchers

Download and fill in the order form based on the instructions. Enter the price and currency shown in the chart for your country or territory.

Here are four voucher order forms corresponding to four regions:

  • Submit the order form

You can submit this order form online, by email, or by fax.

Alternatively, click the “Submit” button to send your voucher order directly to Pearson VUE. Remember to print the completed form for your records. 

  • Make the payment

Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, checks, and money transfers are all acceptable payment methods. You will get an invoice verifying the order and payment instructions if you pay by check or bank transfer. 

Order processing takes four business days after submission. However, vouchers are unavailable until payment has been approved.

Payment via check may take longer. So, we recommend you use a credit card for quicker service. 

Once your payment is made, you will get your voucher codes by email.

How do I redeem my PTE exam voucher?

Redeeming your PTE voucher for your next academic exam is the same as the payment step in the test booking process.

However, you will not need to fill in payment details. You only need to enter the promotion code to complete your booking.

  1. Go to Pearson PTE’s official website
  2. Complete your myPTE account registration by filling in your information
  3. Select your desired test location and time
  4. Complete the booking questions
  5. At the payment stage, enter your voucher code to finalize the booking for free.

Keynotes when using a PTE discount voucher

  • Vouchers are only valid for the chosen test type and country. You cannot use it for different PTE tests or in different countries
  • Each order must include a minimum of 10 vouchers
  • All vouchers are pre-paid, non-refundable, and non-returnable
  • Vouchers will be processed electronically and sent to your email address in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Vouchers expire twelve (12) months from the issue date. Dates on a PTE voucher cannot be extended. You must take the PTE test by the expiration date on the voucher.


Invite your friends to buy PTE vouchers to save more money. A PTE voucher should be a small joy to energize your PTE training and study.

Contact us if you want to know more about PTE practice tests.

Last updated on 29/02/2024

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