PTE Write From Dictation Tips & How to Practice Properly

PTE Write from Dictation Tips & Tricks

The Write from Dictation (WFD) is a task in the PTE Listening test. To get a high score on this task, you have to be good at not only listening but also writing skills as well.

Many test-takers consider it to be the most challenging part of the PTE Listening test. However, WFD occupies the highest ratio of scores in listening tests. Therefore, it is better if you find a way to conquer it.

In this blog, PTE Magic will provide an overview of the PTE Write from Dictation and offer effective strategies and tips to help you overcome this task with confidence.


Overview of The PTE Write from Dictation

PTE Write from Dictation Tips & Tricks

The PTE Write from Dictation task evaluates your ability to understand and remember a sentence or short passage dictated in English. 

This section assesses both your listening skills and your grasp of grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. It challenges your real-time processing capabilities, as you need to transcribe what you hear accurately.

In this task, you have to hear a recording lasting from 3 to 5 seconds, including 8-12 words per sentence. Your task is to type exactly what you hear in the answer box on the screen.

You have 7 seconds to prepare before the audio play. The recording will play automatically after preparation time, and you can hear it only once. Therefore, you should keep your concentration on listening as clearly as possible.

This is the most important task in the Listening section. You may cope with it 3-4 times in a test. You will gain the maximum score if you type a 100% correct answer without spelling mistakes.

How is WTD Scores?

Understanding how the PTE Write from Dictation is scored is crucial for devising effective strategies.

Compared with the other question, the way this task scored is quite different. 

It requires you to type what you hear, therefore, your score will be assessed based on how many words you type correctly.

Each correct word spelled accurately contributes to your score, while incorrect spellings or omitted words result in point deductions. The scoring system emphasizes precision, rewarding candidates for both listening comprehension and linguistic accuracy.

The total score for this task is scaled based on the number of correct words, making it imperative to focus not just on understanding but on meticulous transcription.

Effective Strategies You Can Apply

The Write from Diction is a difficult task that requires you to listen and type correctly. It is better to get an effective strategy and prepare everything carefully.

Before listening

You have 7 seconds to get ready. You can utilize this time to stay calm and put the cursor on the answer box to type as fast as possible

While listening

  • Keep focus on every word of the sentence to type correctly. Or you can get the overall meaning, which helps you remember better.
  • Type your answer on the screen unless it fades over.
  • If you find it difficult to type and listen simultaneously, you can write down an Erasable Noteboard Booklet to take a note. But don’t forget to type it in the answer box then.

After listening

When the recording ends, take time to check some technical aspects such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation,… You can lose points with only a tiny mistake. So, be careful!

7 Tips to Improve Result of PTE Write from Dictation 

To get an excellent score on this task, it is better if you have some secret weapons to apply. Below are 7 tips you can try!

Tip #1: Listen to understand

A mistake people usually make in this task is trying to hear every single word. They think that in this way, they can hear more clearly and type more concisely. 

However, it is not a wise choice. It is hard to hear obviously if the speaker talks too fast. 

So what is the solution? The answer is that you should listen to understand the overall meaning. 

If you understand the idea of the sentence, even when you miss some words, you can make a guess based on the meaning of the recording.

Tip #2: Improve take-note strategy

Taking notes is an effective supportive tool in listening tests. The PTE Write from Dictation is not an exception. However, in this task, you only hear a short sentence so the take-note strategy needs to be adjusted.

You don’t have much time to write in detail, therefore, it is better if you find your own way to write down as fast as possible. 

You can note down only the first letter of each word, for example, write T for Technology. You even can create your personal signs as long as you understand what they mean.

In general, taking notes in this task is to remember what the recording expresses, avoiding the case that you can’t type as fast as the speaker talks, and then you forget what you need to type.

There are some notice you need to stick in your mind:

  • Take notes at a high speed, and don’t fall behind the recording.
  • You need to understand your take notes thoroughly. It is useless if you try to write faster and faster but you can’t transfer it into a full sentence then.

Tip #3: Enhance spelling

In this task, your writing skills will be assessed, especially your spelling. Therefore, make sure that you have a wide range of vocabulary, and understand the way it spells. You can lose points with only spelling mistakes so remember to learn spelling.

There is an efficient way you can apply to improve: READING. It can not only enrich your vocabulary but also enhance your spelling.

Many materials you can use to do this such as newspapers, academic papers, and so on. 

You also can write to upgrade your writing skills. It takes more time but so effective. You can write about anything, your days, your favorite films, your love, and so on.

Tip #4: Practice industriously

Practice makes perfect. This is the guideline for all tests. The ideal practice option is to use a simulation exam. PTE Magic is a such platform

Access PTE Magic, you have a stock of question tests, that are so close to the actual one. The latest test is updated very soon as well. Moreover, after practicing, your results will be analyzed by AI. By this means, you can know your weaknesses and strengths to improve gradually.

While practicing, don’t forget to simulate exam conditions to get the best impact. Use noise-canceling headphones, practice in a quiet environment, and adhere to the time constraints. 

Simulating the actual exam environment prepares you for the challenges you’ll face on test day.

Tip #5: Type as many as possible

This task scores you by the number of correct words you have in your answer. Therefore, try to type as many as possible. 

In case you miss several words, let’s guess. There are no negative marks in this question so you can write randomly anything if you suppose that they can be true.

Tip #6: Review and revise

Review is an inevitable action in many tests. Utilize the provided time to review and revise your transcription. You should pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors to not lose any points regretfully.

A thorough review can significantly enhance the accuracy of your final submission.

Tip #7: Stay calm and focus

The pressure of real-time transcription can be overwhelming, but maintaining composure is the key. Stay calm, focus on the dictation, and trust your language skills.

Keeping your mind stable means that you win 50% on the test. Don’t let your anxiety create a negative impact on your test result.

To get this, the only solution is to practice and be confident. Trusting yourself will make it easier to keep calm under test pressure.


In conclusion, getting a high score in the PTE Write from Dictation task requires a combination of effective strategies, consistent practice, and a strong foundation in English language skills. 

By actively engaging in targeted practice, focusing on key elements, and implementing the tips provided, you can significantly improve your performance in this challenging section of the PTE exam.

Approach the task with confidence, and remember that with dedication and the right approach, success in PTE Write from Dictation is well within reach.

Last updated on 06/12/2023

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