PTE Write From Dictation Tips

In the PTE Write From Dictation, your task is to type the sentence in the response box as you hear it, and you need to be as accurate as possible. This listening item is very important because the majority of your listening and writing points come from this task.

Here are all the tips that you should know.

1.Take notes on the computer: The speed of typing is faster than that of writing down on the erasable notepad, so you can try to type the words you hear on the computer.

2.Note down half of the words or the first letter of each word: Some people prefer to type half of the words while others prefer the first letter of each word. Just find a method that suits you.

3.Check for spelling, capitalisation and punctuation: Before submitting your answer and going to the next task, you need to double-check the sentence. Checking for spelling errors is important as 1 word is worth 1 point in Write From Dictation. Also, you need to use a capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end.

4.Use 1.5 speed: You can also adjust the speed to 1.5 in order to be familiar with fast speakers so that you won’t panic too much if you get fast audios in the real test (Adjusting speed is also available on PTE MAGIC practice platform).

5.Consistent practice is the key: Write From Dictation doesn’t just test our knowledge of vocabulary but also reaction and short term memory; therefore, doing regular practice plays a key role. If you get the same sentence on test day, it’s going to be easier for you.

6.Have enough time to do Write From Dictation: This task is the very last item in the whole PTE test, so make sure you have around four minutes in total in the end to do Write From Dictation and don’t miss any sentence.

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