Top 10 tips for PTE Speaking

1) For Reading aloud, be careful with phrasing and intonations as they convey overall meaning.

2) During the PTE preparation time, check for any difficult words and rehearse them.

3) Do not try to speak before the microphone opens, as your answer will not be recorded.

4) For a repeat sentence, try to focus on the meaning of the sentence.

5) Make the usage of punctuation marks, as they will help to know where to stress in the sentence and to take pauses.

6) In Describe image, use all keywords as shown on the image.

7) In the Re-tell lecture, do not try to take notes ‘word-for-word’ as you may miss any vital information if you write too much.

8) Always check the timing to make sure you finish speaking within 40 seconds.

9) Note all the names and numbers if possible

10) For Answer Short Questions, do not try to speak too quickly, as there will be plenty of time. If you made a mistake, correct it.