How to Describe Hard PTE Describe Image Questions? (Updated)

How to Describe Hard Images, Charts & Maps

This blog will discuss expert tips for effectively answering hard PTE Describe Image questions. 

So, which images do students normally struggle with? And what can we do to master this test?

Let’s find out below!

Key Takeaways

  • Pictures without words or with too much information are among the hardest PTE Describe Image questions.
  • Staying calm, following a step-by-step plan, controlling your timing, and practicing with PTE Describe Image templates will help you prepare well for the test.

What Are Hard PTE Describe Image Examples?

You will get a mix of questions in this PTE test section. Some images will be easy, but some can be very complex. Here are two of the most common types of “hard-to-tell” images test-takers often encounter.

Pictures With No Words

2. pte-describe-image-picture

Pictures like this can make it hard to know what to describe because there are no words or numbers like graphs or chart types. You must focus on the main things you see, which can be hard because some may feel panicked.

Also, most people will find it difficult to speak logically without text or data. Take an example from the picture above, you might wonder, “Should I talk about the women first or the car? But what about the weather and the scenery?”

Finding the right words to describe is hard, too. With this type of image, you will have to pick the words yourself, while in some graphs or chart types, you will know where to start just by reading the chart description.

Pictures With Too Many Data

3. pte-describe-image-examples

In contrast, pictures that have too much data can also be challenging. You might feel confused to choose which information is important and which is not.

Many students eventually fall into this trap: trying to talk about every little detail they see in the picture. For example, some people might spend too much time focusing on the percentage, or the year displayed in the image above. This is dangerous because you will lose track of time and miss essential information.

That is not all. With complicated images like this, students might misunderstand what they see. If you are not careful, you might end up describing the data wrong, which will cause you to lose a lot of points.

Feeling worried? PTE Magic understands deeply how you feel, so here are some PTE tips just for you.

PTE Describe Image Tips For Difficult Pictures

With the right methods, you can get a high score on the PTE describe image questions. Here are some of the most useful tips to help you overcome the trickiest pictures.

Don’t Panic

Let us start by saying this: however you feel, try to keep calm and don’t stress out during the test. We know that it’s not easy to get comfortable speaking a language that is not your mother language, but freaking out won’t help. It’ll just waste your time and make it hard to give a good answer, whether it’s a no-word picture or a too-much-data picture.

don't panic during the test

One way to control your emotions is you do your PTE describe image practice beforehand. You will feel more confident and better at describing the picture, even under pressure.

So just stay calm and follow the other tips we’re about to share below; you’ll do just fine!

Follow The Process

You will describe the picture well if you have a process in mind to guide you. Here are some key steps to remember:

  1. Start with a general opening statement: Begin your description with a general opening statement. This will give the listeners, and you, too, a basic idea of what you will discuss.
  2. Describe what you see: Look at the image in front of you. Whether it’s a picture without words or one with lots of numbers and charts, you just need to explain what’s going on. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to describe it. The point lies in how well you can describe the image.
  3. Finish with a closing statement: Close your describing test with your final thought or a summary line. You will end your speech efficiently and show that you’ve understood the main idea of the image.

Don’t forget to practice this process when you’re looking for a template for PTE Describe Image. Practice makes perfect!

Timing is Everything

Time is crucial when you do a test, especially when doing difficult PTE Describe Image questions. 

First things first, plan your answer. How do you do this? Before you start talking, you take a quick look at the images, then think about what you will say. You can organize your thoughts and make your answer go smoothly this way instead of dwelling too much on unnecessary details.

Next, remember to control the speed of your speaking. Don’t talk too fast or too slow. If you speak steadily, you will be more likely to pronounce the words better and help the listener follow your speech. Speak too fast can lead to errors, and speaking too slow will make you run out of time.

Here’s a helpful trick: set a timer when you practice for the PTE speaking test. You will get better control of how much you can say in a given time, which is truly good to help you manage your time.

Focus On Your Speech

Last, how you speak in this test matters a lot. Make sure you pronounce the words clearly. Sadly, if people cannot understand what you’re saying, it can affect your score.

Plus, try to keep your speech continuous. Don’t stop too much, and keep your sentences flowing smoothly. In our previous detailed blog about PTE Describe Image, we also noted that you need to speak for more than 30 seconds, which means more than ¾ of the time for this part.

Don’t forget to raise your voice if you’re someone who has a bit of a soft voice. Of course, no need to scream your throat – just loud enough to be heard is okay. You can try speaking in front of your family or close friends to adjust your volume effectively.

PTE Describe Image Template (Updated)

pte describe image templates

Again, practice is perfect. You cannot see your progress and move forward if you don’t practice. So gear up and check out these cool sources for the latest PTE describe image template:

  • Enrol in the PTE Magic course to get access to our question bank and templates for each type of question!
  • Learn smart techniques and improve your skills with a series of videos led by Head Trainer Moni to expand your knowledge and practice the shadowing method.
  • Check out the detailed guide in every section of the PTE test in the Ebook “How to Pass PTE in 7 Days

Wrap Up

We know the PTE Describe Image questions can be hard sometimes, but with the right methods and a lot of practice, you can make it.

Don’t stress out if some images are tricky. Every challenge is a chance to learn and get better. Just believe in yourself, stay positive, and keep in mind to add these tips to your practice. You’ve got this!

Last updated on 02/05/2024

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