How to do PTE Repeat Sentence

PTE Magic Repeat Sentence

In this task, you need to repeat the sentence after listening to a recording of a sentence. The prompt length is 3-9 seconds, and you have 15 seconds to answer. When the audio finishes and the microphone opens, you need to speak into the microphone immediately (there is no short tone) and repeat exactly what you heard.

Most of the time, students find this task kind of challenging, especially when the sentences are long. If you want to find out more about how to improve memory retention for Repeat Sentence, please visit the previous article here.

This task is scored on content, oral fluency and pronunciation.

  • Content:
    Content is scored by counting the number of correct word sequences in your response. For short sentences, if you can, try to get them 100% correctly (3 content points); for longer sentences, try your best and aim for at least 50% (that would be 2 content points).
  • Oral fluency: Maintain a normal speed and don’t rush yourself. No matter how many words you can remember, it’s important to maintain a good fluency without unnecessary pauses.
  • Pronunciation: When we do PTE Repeat Sentence, make sure that every word is nice and clear so that the computer can catch what we say.

Frequently Asked Questions for PTE Repeat Sentence

Q1.Do I need to copy the speaker’s accent?
No, it’s not compulsory to copy their accent. You just need to make sure every word is nice and clear.

Q2.What about intonation patterns?
In terms of intonation, it’s good if you can get it correctly. For example, if it’s a question, normally we will have a rising intonation at the end. Let’s have a look at the sentence below:

I missed yesterday’s class, can I borrow your notes? (↗)

Q3.I can only remember a few words, can I add something else to maintain my fluency?
No, because the words you add won’t count towards your content. Say what you can remember smoothly.


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