How to Improve Pronunciation In PTE: A Quick Guide

How To Improve Pronunciation In PTE

Learning how to improve pronunciation in PTE is important as the skill is assessed in different exam sections.

A poor pronunciation performance can negatively affect the result of the entire test.

Many students don’t really know that the way they pronounce a word or deliver the whole sentence is incorrect until others, especially native speakers, can not understand them.

A similar situation can happen to you in the exam when your answer is not understood and marked as incorrect.

In this short guide, PTE Magic will help you find out what parts of the PTE test require your correct pronunciation and tips to improve it!

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Key Takeaways

  • Pronunciation is an aspect of testing your speaking ability. Thus, the skill is assessed in many parts of the PTE speaking section.
  • Doing mock tests on reliable platforms such as PTE Magic is an excellent method to achieve a better result.
  • In addition to the tips to help you ensure your best answers, we mention four factors that can affect your pronunciation below.


What Parts Of The PTE Test Assess Your Pronunciation

Pronunciation is an aspect of testing your speaking ability; thus, the skill is assessed in many parts of the PTE speaking section.

You should focus on pronouncing properly in the following question types:

  • Read Aloud: Here, you need to speak aloud the given words in the correct order. Remember to say the word correctly so your answer will be recognized and marked as successful.
  • Repeat Sentence: In this type of question, you need to repeat after the recording. Similarly, correct pronunciation will add more score to the final result.  
  • Describe Image: The test takers will be given an image to describe. You should understand and focus on the key element of the image and describe it comprehensively. Properly pronouncing the words will make your content easier to understand. 
  • Retell Lecture: The candidate is asked to retell the content of a given lecture. You need to produce the correct sounds of the words to gain a higher score. 

How To Improve Pronunciation In PTE

How To Improve Pronunciation In PTE

Doing tongue twisters or watching English videos are ways to get a higher PTE pronunciation score.

You can find a partner to do the activities together and help others improve.

Doing mock tests on reliable platforms such as PTE Magic is also a good method to achieve a better result.

Practice Tongue Twister

Tongue Twister is such a fun activity to work with.

These phases of words that start with the same sound can make you trip on your words and lead to funny situations. 

Yet, it’s more than just fun.

This method helps your tongue to practice and move more smoothly to produce correct sounds.

The better you are at tongue-twisting, the better your speaking is.

Here are some common tongue twists to master:

  • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  • She sells seashells by the seashore.
  • I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen.

Pay Attention To Your Pace

Your pace does not only influence your oral fluency but also your pronunciation in the PTE test.

If you speak fast, you cannot produce proper word sounds, or your sentence may not sound clear.

Manage your pace while speaking, neither too fast nor too slow.

You don’t need to speak slowly at the beginning and be rushed at the end of your sentence to avoid mistakes in pronouncing the words.

Watch Or Listen To English Content And Repeat

English content audio and videos are super available these days.

You can easily access them to watch or listen to the conversation and learn from the speaker’s pronunciation. 

If you are a beginner, choose more general topics that suit your level.

Play the audio slowly and increase later when you’re already more mastered.

You can also go for the topics you are interested in to keep your enthusiasm.

Stop the videos while watching and repeat after the speaker can help you fix your pronunciation and improve your speech fluency.

Listening more and talking more is the key. 

Find A Partner To Work With

Working with a partner is always a good idea to help you get disciplined and encourage you to practice.

You two can do the tongue twist or watch English videos together and help each other improve your speaking skills. 

Through interaction, your partner can point out your mispronounced words while speaking.

You can also learn from his mistakes and avoid making the same ones.

In addition, talking with others assists you in producing fluent speech and makes you more confident in giving your answer.

Do Mock Tests

Doing mock tests can identify your strengths and point out areas you should improve in your pronunciation.

It’s also a way to make you familiar with the real test and boost your confidence.

PTE Magic is a stress-free AI practice platform that helps you prepare for the PTE exam efficiently.

You can practice repeated questions with answer keys and do the AI mock with detailed reports. 

Besides, the real-time AI scoring is also integrated into writing and speaking tasks to imitate the real test.

Moreover, you can find many useful guides and tips on the platform. 

4 Other Things Can Affect Your Pronunciation

Besides the practicing tips on how to improve pronunciation in PTE mentioned above, there are a few things you should pay attention to ensure the best answer.


Remember that if you don’t open your mouth while speaking or just murmur, the microphone will not be able to catch your voice, thus affecting your performance.

Therefore, you should always speak with clarity.

Your Voice Pitch

Examiners usually don’t think about their voice pitch as an element depreciating their pronunciation score.

Yet, the fact is the microphone is unable to catch a very high-pitched voice. 

All that can be caught is a noise, and the clarity of your voice deteriorates.

Therefore, if you think your voice belongs to this type, adjust it to a normal or slightly low pitch. 

The Microphone Position

Last but not least, pay attention to your microphone position.

Putting it too far can lead to an uncatchable answer, while putting it too close to your mouth may also let your breath be recorded.

Plus, don’t touch the microphone, but leave it in a fixed position so you will not make noise while speaking.

Wrapping Up 

We bet now you’re already clear about how to improve pronunciation in PTE.

Remember to apply our tips above in your daily practice; you can avoid mistakes and see better results soon.

Besides, pay attention to your voice pitch and microphone position to ensure your answer is recorded properly.

Plus, keep in mind to be patient.

You can’t improve without consistent practice because practice makes perfect.

Stick with your determination and good luck.

Last updated on 29/05/2024

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