PTE Core Question Bank: Why You Must Try It Today!

pte core question bank

Whether English is your first language or not, as a test taker, you should spend time for preparation, such as practising with the PTE Core question bank. But how and where to get it?

This blog by PTE Magic has everything you need to know. We will explain the question bank’s benefits, what is included, and how to access the official source for your PTE Core preparation. Keep reading to find out more below!

Key Takeaways

  • Aside from the vast collections of test questions, the PTE question bank from Pearson includes extra information.
  • Pearson provides a thorough question bank for their PTE tests. Read below for the top 5 benefits the PTE question bank can bring.
  • You can try the PTE Core Taster test on the official Pearson PTE website.


What is a Question Bank?

2. pte-core-question-bank

The question bank is useful for both test-takers and test-makers

The question bank is a huge storage of test questions that the test-makers may use in real tests over time. They can also use these questions to create quizzes. Simply put, if 500 questions have been collected in the last 10 years, some may appear randomly from time to time in the test.

This is an effective system. It helps to keep the tests fair since different questions are used each time. You can reuse the questions instead of creating new ones for every test, which is time-saving.

Aside from the vast collections of test questions, the PTE question bank from Pearson includes extra information such as the specific test, which included the questions, which year they were used, etc. This can be a useful method to organise the tests for test-takers and test-makers.

PTE Question Bank Benefits

Pearson also provides a thorough question bank for their PTE tests. Here is what the PTE question bank can offer to you:

  • Highly similar to the real PTE tests: The question bank shows all the sample questions close to the real exam. Test-takers will be familiar with the types of questions, the timing and the test scoring. 
  • See through your strengths and weaknesses: Practising doing the questions will reveal what you are good and bad at in different tasks for each specific section. Knowing this will help you create a better strategy for your PTE goal.
  • Improve time management: In the PTE test, not every task is done with the same amount of time. Some questions take up to 40 seconds, while others only need 10 seconds. You will learn to manage your time much better if you practise all types of PTE questions frequently.
  • Suitable for self-learning: Pearson designs their question bank focus on self-learning purposes. This is great for both newbies and advanced test-takers.
  • Offers valuable resources: The PTE question bank does not just include questions; it also has detailed explanations for all the answers. Test-takers will have better insights and resources to improve their answers in the real test.

Taster Test: Your Trial PTE Core Question Bank


The PTE Core Taster test is currently free

The Taster Test is a new feature that Pearson has recently added. It is similar to a question bank, in which test-takers can experience the test before taking it. 

This Taster test offers five questions in the Reading and Speaking section. This test is currently free and you will get instant feedback based on your answers for the five questions. The types of the five questions are:

  • Fill in the blanks (Reading)
  • Reorder paragraph (Reading)
  • Multiple choice, single answer (Reading)
  • Highlight incorrect words (Listening)
  • Select missing words (Listening)

You will get a glimpse of what the real test would look like. All the displays and answer methods of the specific section will help you understand 

Even though the number of questions shown is much fewer than their PTE Academic question bank, this PTE Core Taste test is completely free. All you need to do is visit the official Pearson PTE website to access this useful practice tool.                                                                 

How to Access the PTE Core Taster Test

It’s great that Pearson has created the Taste test for the soon-to-be PTE Core test-takers. For your information, the PTE Core test became officially active at the beginning of 2024. Therefore, it’s worth noting that Pearson has already designed a taste test for test-takers in just a short period.

4. pte-question-bank-login

You can visit the Pearson PTE website to try five questions of the PTE Core Taster test

So, how to access this PTE Core taster test? Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official Pearson PTE website.
  2. At the menu bar, click “PTE tests”. 
  3. A slider will appear, and you will see the PTE Core section at the top right. Choose “Explore PTE Core.”
  4. Scroll down and choose the third option listed, “Preparation.”
  5. Choose “Take free PTE Core taster test,” and you are ready to go.

Wrap Up

Overall, you can consider the Taster test as a short trial version of Pearson’s PTE Core question bank. It is free, and it is practical. While this Taster test offers questions for the Reading and Speaking sections, PTE Magic believes they will update all four skills shortly. 

In the meantime, our PTE Training courses provide a wide range of realistic AI mock tests and super detailed feedback from the top trainers. You will also have access to our templates with the most helpful tips. Don’t waste time, prepare for your PTE Core test today!

Last updated on 29/05/2024

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