PTE Essay: Brainstorming part II

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PTE Magic Essay Brainstorming

We have seen many MAGIC students struggle to generate PTE Essay ideas, and because of that, they cannot manage to finish their response within the time frame.

However, we’re always here to help! In today’s article, we’re going to have a look at some Essay questions and provide some ideas. You can also find the previous article here.

  1. Some universities deduct students’ marks if assignment is given late. What is your opinion and suggest some alternative actions?

    Side A (Yes, students should be punished for late work)
    -without some sort of negative consequence, many students would wait until the end of the marking period to turn work in or not turn it in at all
    -if teachers do not reduce the grade as a result of the lateness, it won’t be fair to students who turn in their assignments on time

    Side B (No, students should not be punished for late work)
    -some students do not have enough time to do assignments because they are busy with their part-time jobs, so teachers need to take this into consideration
    -some students are overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, so they do not know how to manage their time carefully
    -some alternative actions: lecturers can require students to submit a written request for a deadline extension rather than taking points off/let students turn in partially completed work to demonstrate that an effort has been made
  2. Some people argue that life experience is the best teacher. Life experiences can teach more effectively than books or formal school education. How far do you agree with this idea? Support your opinion with reasons and/or your personal experience.

    Side A (Yes, life experience is important)
    -it broadens people’s horizon and makes their life more colourful
    -individuals can learn many important life lessons from their experiences

    Side B (No, formal education is more important)
    -formal education provides students with opportunities to have a better career in the future
    -students can learn common knowledge from the subjects taught at school
  3. Some employers involve employees in the decision-making process of products and services. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    Side A (Yes, employers should involve employees in the decision-making process)
    -by doing so, employees can feel more inspired because they want to be heard, respected and appreciated for the contribution they could make to the overall strategy of the company
    -employees’ feedback is important to a company’s culture, development and improvement

    Side B (No, there are some disadvantages of participative management)
    -it is time-consuming to get everyone’s voice heard in meetings, so it makes decision making even harder
    -there might be increased security risks of getting more people involved in key decisions; that is, sharing critical data and information with a larger number of employees might put the company at risk


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Last updated on 27/07/2023

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