PTE Revaluation Fee: How Much And Is It Worth It?

PTE Revaluation Fee How Much And Is It Worth It

PTE is a fully computer-based English proficiency test. Both the testing and scoring are done by computers.

If your score is lower than expected and does not accurately reflect your performance and efforts, go for a re-evaluation.

This short guide from PTE Magic is everything you need to know about your PTE revaluation fee and score change opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • PTE rescore is the process of re-evaluating your PTE Academic score if you disagree with the results offered by Pearson PTE.
  • You may have to spend more than $100 to have your score reevaluated.
  • Rescoring might not be worthwhile because the probability of a mistake is very low.

What is a PTE rescore?

PTE rescore is the process of reevaluating your PTE Academic score if you disagree with the results offered by Pearson PTE.

PTE rescore only applies to spoken responses and open-ended written responses.

  • PTE Speaking section: Read Aloud, Repeat Sentences, Re-tell Lecture, Describe Images, Answer Short Questions
  • PTE Writing section: Summarize Written Text, Write Essay
  • PTE Listening section: Summarize Spoken Text

Although the PTE evaluation standards are well-defined and available on the official website, only some accept the final scores.

You may believe that there is an error in the equipment or the scoring system, causing your results to be unfair to your performance.

So you can appeal your scores through the PTE rescoring process.

Your exam will be resubmitted and reevaluated. After the revaluation process, you will get an updated result if any.

PTE revaluation fee: how much is it?

pte revaluation fee

The PTE revaluation process will charge you a fee.

You may have to spend more than $100 to have your score reevaluated.

However, Pearson PTE has not announced the actual fees. You can confirm this information with the customer service team.

If the score is updated after the review, you will get your PTE revaluation fee back. Otherwise, there is no refund provided.

What’s the process of rescoring a PTE exam?

If you disagree with your PTE results, you may ask for a rescore.

To request a rescore:

  • Phone the Customer Support team

Note that Pearson can only receive your rescore appeal via phone. You can find the local Pearson phone number here.

You must request it within 14 days of getting your PTE scorecard. It is the day you get an email with your test results from Pearson PTE.

Besides, you can only request a rescore of your latest PTE score.

  • Get a price quote for the rescore

The Customer Support staff will provide you with the PTE rescore fees.

  • Pay the fee

Pay for your PTE rescoring request following customer service instructions.

Is it worth requesting a PTE revaluation?

Rescoring might not be worthwhile because the probability of a mistake is very low.

Your overall score will mostly stay the same after rescoring. Only an algorithmic or technological fault might result in a score change. However, these issues almost do not happen.

Not to mention, you may get a small chance of a higher updated score and your score may also decrease.

Therefore, Pearson advises test takers to retake the exam instead of wasting time and money on revaluation.

Rescoring is not the best idea Unless you are completely sure that the error comes from the testing system and not yours.

Rescore vs score review: what’s the difference?

A score review

A PTE score review is a written review of your speaking performance during the PTE exam.

It will give you a better understanding of your PTE results and advice for your next test attempts.

A score review will NOT change your original scores.

The score review fee is $50.

If the score review shows that the original result is correct, the fee will not be refunded.

Pearson will issue you a PTE voucher to register for future exams if a score review shows your claim is correct,. Otherwise, you will get a full refund for your test.

You can ask for a score review by submitting this form.

A rescore

A rescore is a revaluation of your A rescore if you are unhappy.

A rescore will allow you to score changes (it may increase or decrease). However, there is no explanation for why your results are lower or higher. This won’t help if you want to take another exam.

If your score changes, the new score will replace the old one on a new report. You will receive a complete refund.

If your score remains unchanged after rescoring, no refund will be provided.

Notably, rescore fee is costly. As we mentioned, it may cost you up to $100, much more than a score review.

You can only request a rescore via phone.

Other important things you should know

Here is other information to consider carefully before requesting PTE revaluation:

  • The PTE exam is conducted and scored by the advanced AI system; therefore, it is unlikely that your scores will change after further evaluation.
  • If the score changes, it might increase or decrease. A new result will replace your original result on a new score report.
  • Rescoring is only available once for each test registration. 
  • If you’ve already scheduled another exam, you cannot request a rescore for your latest result.


You see, a PTE rescore is typically not a good idea. PTE revaluation fee will be a big waste.

If you did not get the desired score, consider a more systematic re-test plan. This would give you a better outcome and save you from wasting time, effort, or money on a rescore.

Don’t despair of missing 1 or 2 points. There will always be hope in the darkness. Contact us today and we will help you master the PTE test!

Last updated on 06/05/2024

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