PTE Summarize Spoken Text: Templates & Tips For Higher Scores

PTE Summarize Spoken Text Templates and Tips

The PTE Academic exam is known for its challenging sections that test various language skills. One such section that often proves to be a stumbling block for test-takers is the Summarize Spoken Text. 

In this blog, PTE Magic will delve deep into this segment of the PTE Academic exam and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to master it. 

If you are preparing for the PTE test, don’t leave it out, let’s scroll down to discover more.

Key Takeaways

  • PTE Summarize Spoken Text is an integrated listening and writing task that assesses your ability to comprehend and summarize spoken content.
  • A well-structured template can help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you cover all the essential elements in your response.
  • Implementing the tips and strategies outlined in this guide can significantly improve your performance.


Get to know about PTE Summarize Spoken Text

PTE Summarize Spoken Text Templates and Tips

PTE Summarize Spoken Text (PTE SST) is an integrated listening and writing task that assesses your ability to comprehend and summarize spoken content. 

In this section, you will listen to an audio recording, which can be a lecture, conversation, or presentation. It usually lasts from 60 to 90 seconds.

Then, you have about 10 minutes to summarize what you have heard. Your summary has to be 50 to 70 words in length. If it lasts more or less than that range, your response can be unaccepted. Therefore, it is better to notice this point when writing.

You can encounter this task 2 or 3 times per PTE test. 

This task evaluates not only your listening skills but also your ability to synthesize information effectively. Thus, it can be a real challenge for many test-takers, but with the right approach, you can master it.

How is PTE Summarize Spoken Text scored? 

To get a high score in PTE Summarize Spoken Text, it’s essential to understand how it’s scored. 5 factors in this task contribute to its overall score.


This is the first as well as the most important factor that can affect your score. 

The content of your summary should accurately reflect the main points of the spoken text. It’s important to capture the key ideas and supporting details. By meeting all the requirements, you can achieve the highest result in this aspect.

Your answer would not be highly assessed if it rambles, does not focus on the main idea, or can not transfer the overall meaning of the recording. 

More seriously, if your content goes off-topic, you even get a zero for this task.


With this factor, your score can be evaluated based on the number of words in the response.

  • If your summary lasts between 50 and 70 words as required, you can get the highest score for this factor.
  • If it is in 40 to 50 words or 70 to 100 words, you can lose some points.
  • If your response lasts less than 40 words or more than 100 words, you will receive no points for this factor.


In this factor, your ability to apply grammar flexibly should be shown. Do you have any grammar errors when writing? Do you apply grammar structure in the right context? 

Proper use of grammar and sentence structure is crucial. Your answer will be highly evaluated if it contains a concise structure, appropriate punctuality, and capital letters. 

PTE Vocabulary

Another factor in this task you need to notice is vocabulary. It is better if you use a wide range of vocabulary, which is academic and complex enough to use in an academic test. Otherwise, every word should be used in the right context, suitable with its meaning. Don’t apply advanced vocabulary if you don’t get exactly its meaning.

Repetition is one thing you need to avoid when taking this test. To solve this situation, you can use synonyms, which is an effective way to get a high score for this factor. It can show off your variety of vocabulary.


To get a high score for this factor, you have to ensure your response does not contain any spelling mistakes. 

PTE Summarize Spoken Text template to get a high PTE score 

A well-structured template can be your guiding light in the PTE Summarize Spoken Text section. It can help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you cover all the essential elements in your response. 

Here is a comprehensive template that you can follow


In this part, you should briefly mention the main topic of the spoken text.

Your introduction should be concise and to the point. It is a background that can provide the reader with context. 

A structure you can apply in this part is that “The audio discuss [main idea]


In this part, you should:

  • Identify the main points or ideas presented in the audio.
  • Highlight supporting details or examples that reinforce the main points.
  • Ensure that your summary is coherent and logically structured.

This is the heart of your summary, where you showcase your comprehension skills. You should break down the main points and supporting details presented in the audio. Each sentence in this section should focus on a single main point or supporting detail. Don’t forget to use transitional phrases to maintain coherence. For example:

The first point raised in the audio is [main point], which is illustrated by [supporting detail]. Furthermore, [main point] is discussed in detail, with [supporting detail] serving as an example.


“Firstly, the speaker mentioned [key point 1]. Then, he provides information about [key point 2]. After that, he discussed [key point 3]”

You can apply synonyms, and use other transitional words to create a new template on your own as long as it can list all the important meanings in the audio. 


The conclusion should summarize the overall message or significance of the spoken text. It should give your summary a sense of closure. For example:

In conclusion, the audio emphasizes the importance of [main point], highlighting the need for [action or change].

By following this template, you can ensure that your response is well-structured, logically organized, and covers all the essential elements required for a high score in PTE Summarize Spoken Text.

However, not all the time you can apply the provided template 100% exactly. It can be inappropriate in several situations. 

If you try to apply it reluctantly, your answer can be unclear and unlogical. Therefore, you should enhance your overall skills.

5 tips to improve PTE Summarize Spoken Text 

While having a template is a valuable tool, there are several other tips and strategies you can employ to enhance your performance in the PTE Summarize Spoken Text section:

Tip #1: Take note

Writing notes is a must-have part when taking PTE Summarize Spoken Text. It’s a big challenge for people to remember all the meaning in the recording. Therefore, many test-takers decide to take a note.

However, how to take notes effectively is a problem. Each individual has their way. You need to find out which is the best way for you. For example, whether you should write a full sentence, keywords, or the first letters of the words? Having an appropriate taking-note strategy will help you accomplish the test better.

No matter what you choose, remember that the priority of taking notes is to grasp the meaning. Try to jot down smartly to catch all the meaning expressed via recording. It is the key to getting an outstanding summary and its supporting details. 

Don’t write down any redundant ideas, which take much time and can distract you when writing the summary.

Tip #2: Practice industriously

Practicing is an indispensable step to reaching a high score on the PTE test. 

You can sharpen your listening skills by regularly listening to a variety of spoken content, such as podcasts, TED talks, and news reports. This will help you become more comfortable with different accents and speaking styles.

However, the above way is not close to the actual test. You can utilize official PTE practice materials and sample questions to get a feel for the types of audio content and questions you might encounter on the actual test.

It is better if you have a simulation test website like PTE Magic to practice regularly. We usually update the newest tests for users to access. In addition, using a simulation test will create a condition that is similar to the actual one. Therefore, you can practice not only your solid skills but also your mind. 

Tip #3: Write enough

Some people argue that the more they write on the answer, the higher the score they can get. This is a huge misunderstanding.

As required, the words are limited for the test-taker to write the response. Containing more unnecessary detail means that you have less room for important keys. 

Writing a summary means that you have to catch important ideas only. It should be concise and brief. Don’t let your answer include any unnecessary points. Write enough only, don’t ramble.

Tip #4: Richen your vocabulary range

This task assesses not only your listening but also your writing skills. Having plenty of vocabulary will assist you in hearing and writing a quality answer. 

A lack of vocabulary is a huge shortage, by which, you can not understand the recording thoroughly. As a result, your summary will not include all the key points and you might get a low score.

Reversely, a wide range of vocabulary can help you express your ideas better. You have more word choices to choose and paraphrase in the summary. By this, your summary can be highly evaluated.

Tip #5: Review your answer

You have ten minutes to finalize your summary. Timing is not a big deal if you take notes well and catch up on all the key points. Therefore, if you finish your answer soon, let’s take time to review what you wrote.

The first thing that needs to be noticed is the word count. It is better to keep your summary between 50 and 70 words. If your answer is too short or too long, you can receive a zero.

After that, you should check if there are any grammar and spelling mistakes in your answer. Only a small error can deduct your point. So, remember to check carefully. 


In conclusion, getting an excellent result of PTE Summarize Spoken Text is within your reach with the right approach. Understanding the scoring criteria, employing an effective template, and implementing the tips and strategies outlined in this guide can significantly improve your performance in this section. 

However, remember that practice makes perfect so take time to practice every day to enhance your skills. You can access PTE Magic to approach the closest simulation test to get familiar with the actual test, which can upgrade your score significantly. 

Last updated on 17/07/2024

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