PTE Summarize Written Text Templates & Tips (Updated)

PTE Summarize Written Text - Tips & Templates

PTE summarize written text is a part of the PTE writing section

Compared with the other one – essay writing, it is not that much challenging.

However, it would take time if you don’t know how to optimize it. Consequently, you might not have enough time to accomplish the essay part in the most ideal way.

So how to upgrade your PTE Summarize Written Text?

Let’s find the answers in this blog by PTE Magic, exploring all about PTE Summarize Written Text part, and some effective tips to improve its score.


What is PTE summarize written text? 

PTE Summarize Written Text - Tips & Templates

First of all, you need to understand this part thoroughly.

PTE Summarize Written Text is a task in the PTE Academic test that evaluates your reading and writing skills.

In this section, it will provide 1 to 3 passages, each of which is usually between 50-70 words in length. Your task is to summarize it into one sentence within 10 minutes. Usually, each sentence would contain about 5-75 words depending on the respective passage. 

Remember that you have to write in one sentence only for each paragraph. To end every sentence, you must use a full stop. If you miss it, it can not be considered as a sentence, and you could receive zero for this part.

Otherwise, 10 minutes for this part seems quite enough but it’s totally not if you don’t know the right way to deal with it. 

Therefore, continue scrolling down and don’t miss out on the rest of this blog to find some useful strategies.

How is it scored?

Before diving into 5 tips for PTE Summarize Written Text, you need to know how is it scored. 

Scoring in PTE Summarize Written Text is based on three main criteria: content, form, and grammar. To receive a high score, you need to focus on these aspects:


Content is the first factor affecting your score. It also is the most important one in the score frame.

Your summary must accurately convey the main ideas and key details of the original text. It should be relevant, meaningful, and free from any irrelevant information. If your summary rambles, and does not reflect the main idea of the passage, you even can receive a zero.

You need to maintain clarity and coherence in the response as well.


The structure and organization of your response are crucial. Your summary should be in one sentence, ideally between 5 and 75 words. You might not gain any points if:

  • You write more than one sentence for each paragraph.
  • Your response contains less than 5 words or more than 75 words.

You have to remember this taboo to ensure this part’s score. Don’t forget a full stop after every sentence to complete the response.

Grammar and vocabulary

Last but not least, grammar and vocabulary are the next factors you need to notice. 

It can be assessed by how complicated structures you use. It is better to apply compound sentences or linking words to connect every idea.

Paraphrasing is not essential in this part. You have to paraphrase but retaining the original meaning is more crucial. 

It is not wise if you replace the main keywords with others you are not sure about. 

In case the replacement’s meaning is not 100% the same as the originals, the score could be reduced.

Don’t forget to care about spelling. With only small mistakes, you might lose your points.

What you should and shouldn’t do in PTE SWT? 

After getting the score range of PTE summarize written text, there are some brief things you should and shouldn’t do you need to know.


  • Carefully read the passage to fully understand its main ideas and details.
  • Use your own words while ensuring that the essence of the text is preserved.
  • Maintain proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • Revise your response carefully before submitting it to find existing errors (if any).
  • Apply complex structures and compound sentences to get a higher score.
  • Use linking words to connect sentences smoothly.


  • Do not contain any irrelevant information in your response.
  • Don’t write less or more than the mentioned range (from 5-75 words). This is the most important thing you need to grasp.
  • Avoid using an informal tone when writing, only apply formal words.
  • Do not copy verbatim text from the original paragraph.

5 tips for higher scores in PTE summarize written text

Identify main ideas

Identifying the main ideas of the passage is the priority of this task. It’s indispensable to understand the paragraph thoroughly. 

Before starting to summarize, you need to read the passage carefully. Try to grasp keywords to quickly catch the main ideas and the overall message of the text. 

It’s essential to get into the context and purpose of the passage, as this will guide your summarization process. 

You can highlight or mentally note them to guide your summary. The main ideas are usually found in the topic sentences of the paragraph. It also can be repeated in the passage.

Focusing on these key elements will ensure that your summary captures the essence of the paragraph.

Paraphrase effectively

One of the most critical skills in PTE Summarize Written Text is the ability to paraphrase, which involves expressing the same idea using different words.

This not only helps in fitting within the word limit but also reflects your language proficiency. Being good at paraphrasing would upgrade your results. 

However, remember that don’t replace keywords or express the ideas randomly. Make sure that your response keeps the same meaning as the passage.

To master this skill, you can practice it by taking a sentence from a text and rewriting it in several ways. It could help you adapt better to PTE Summarize Written tasks.

Using appropriate grammar and vocabulary

It’s crucial to use a wide range of grammar and vocabulary in this part. PTE is an academic test, therefore, you should use informal words and a writing tone. 

Your summary might not be highly evaluated if it contains too simple vocabulary and grammar.

Don’t forget to use linking words to joint ideas as well as create a coherent and well-structured summary. 

Some phrases such as “Moreover”, “Furthermore”, “As a result”, etc. can help you smoothly transition from one idea to another. These connectors also enhance the overall logic flow of your response.

In addition, you should avoid using vague expressions to maintain clarity of passage. Your summary should be more easy to understand. 

Revise after writing

It would be better if you take time for revision and editing after writing. 

Let’s check for grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and clarity issues carefully to preserve your score. Only tiny mistakes can reduce the result. 

Practice regularly

Practice makes perfect. 

Regular practice of summarizing different types of texts will improve your skills over time. Make sure to cover a wide range of topics and writing styles to prepare for anything you might encounter in the exam.

Otherwise, to practice most closely to the actual test, you should use official PTE practice materials and online resources to find a variety of texts to practice on. 

These materials are invaluable for PTE preparation. It will help you more familiar with the format of the task.


Mastering PTE Summarize Written Text is a significant step towards achieving your desired score in the PTE Academic test. 

With regular practice and great strategies, you can improve your results gradually.

Remember that PTE Summarize Written Text evaluates not only your writing skills but also your reading comprehension, making it a complex challenge. 

Stay focused, practice every day, and apply the tips provided in this guide to increase your chances of success on test day.

Last updated on 20/10/2023

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