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pte 2021 exam memories

Hello everyone,

This is Moni. I did my PTE test on the 20th March 2021 at Sydney Pearson Bridge Street to test if our tips are still working. The result came after only 3 hours and once again I got 90 all bands for PTE Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. I will be sharing some tips in my next Youtube video but below are my exam memories. Sorry that I could not remember everything but most of the questions came from our PTE MAGIC platform  and there were some new ones which I have updated below.

  • Speaking – Repeat Sentence
  1. His objection to include scientific evidence has brought a lot of criticism to him.
  2. Many health workers think that patients are too old to understand or to learn new things.
  3. You should include your name and identification number on the registration form.
  4. I would like to talk about other theories that can explain the variation in climate.
  5. Retell lecture:

1. Monkey and typewriter (2nd version)

If the monkeys are given a pen and some papers to spell the word “monkey”, they can only scratch on the paper. By contrast, if they are given a typewriter, it will take them over 10 years to produce the right spelling. However, if they can use computer programming, they can finish the task within a day

2. A picture of a building shown by a professor

3. Two definitions of culture

  • Answer Short Questions:
  1. If there is only one business controlling the trades or the supplies in an industry, how do you describe it in economic terms? – – Monopoly
  2. On what geographical location would someone be living if their country is surrounded by water on all side? – – Island
  3. When you have the primary, and the secondary, what do you have next? – – Tertiary.
  4. What is the fastest way to travel from America to Europe? By airplane
  5. What do you do when you no longer need that appointment? Cancel
  6. Which natural resource is use to produce paper? Wood
  7. People who work without receiving payments? Volunteers
  8. Writing – Summarize Written Text:

1. Skipping breakfast seems a simple way of losing weight or saving time while getting the children ready for school or rushing off to work…

2. It’s very easy to forget about what’s in the ground beneath our feet and why it’s so important to protect it. One tablespoon of soil contains more organisms than there are people on Earth…

  • Essay

With the increase of digital media available online, the role of the library has become obsolete. Universities should only procure digital materials rather than constantly update textbooks. Discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of this position and give your own point of view.

  • Reading – Reorder paragraph

a) To gauge optimism and pessimism, the researchers set up an experiment involving 22 calves.

b) Before they started the experiment, they trained the calves to understand which of their choices would lead to a reward

c) In the training, each calf entered a small pen and found a wall with five holes arranged in a horizontal line, two-and-a-half feet apart

d) The hole at one end contained milk from a bottle, while the hole at the opposite end contained only an empty bottle and delivered a puff of air in calves’ faces.

e) The calves learned quickly which side of the pen held the milk reward.

  • Fill in blanks (Reading)

Those were his halcyon days, when his music was heard constantly in Venice and his influence //blanketed// Europe. He spent much of his time on the road, performing and //overseeing// productions of his music. In Germany, Bach studied Vivaldis scores, copied them for performance and //arranged// some for other instruments.

  • Fill-in-blanks (Reading&Writing)

1. In an often-cited study about counterfactuals, Medvec, Madey, and Gilovich (1995) found that bronze medalists appeared happier than silver medalists in television coverage of the 1992 Summer Olympics. Medvec et al. //argued// that bronze medalists compared themselves to 4th place finishers, whereas silver medalists compared themselves to gold medalists. These counterfactuals were the most //salient// because they were either qualitatively different (gold vs. silver) or categorically different (medal vs. no medal) from what //actually// occurred. Drawing on archival data and experimental studies, we show that Olympic athletes (among others) are more likely to make counterfactual comparisons based on their //prior// expectations, consistent with decision affect theory. Silver medalists 94 are more likely to be disappointed because their personal expectations are higher than //those// of bronze medalists.

  • Listening – Summarize spoken text

1. Talent is premium and there is a war for talents in 1990’s because of the talent shortage. Companies and countries are recruiting young talented people from different countries and sending young people to universities. Some young people immigrated after they graduated from the university. They compete with the local students. Countries and organizations should put talents at the primary positions. The collapse of loyalty makes employees happy to change their workplace because of the higher income. There are three reasons: first, the change of nature of economy leads to increase in the talents demand and need skills.

Second, the shrinking labor force after the baby-boom causes less supply of skilled workers and the retirement of baby-boomers will cause a shortage of experienced workers. Third, there is also a mismatch between what schools are producing and what companies need.

2. The question that is frequently asked is whether nuts are good or bad for health. On the one hands, nuts are good as they contain minerals and vitamins as well as carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. However, when eating 10 to 12 almonds or walnuts, which is not a handful, the energy density is high and the level of kilojoules and calories is equivalent to two bars of chocolate. It is therefore important for individuals who watch their weight.

3. The lecture discussed negativity bias. People are more likely to sense the negative or life-threatening events. The negative experiences are more intense and stronger, while contentment and joy are lighter. The negative feelings such as fear promote self-evaluations in utility. However, people experience positive events more frequently than the negative ones, but they are limited, according to psychological camps.

Highlight correct summary:

Answer – many know about the success of this architect but are not sure what the real reasons are, the speaker suggests his connection with the royal court


Question: The correct order to submit the assignment?

Answer – enter the classroom, click on submit icon, submit declaration form

  • Listening – Write from dictation
  1. Rising inflation rate indicates the increasing demands on consumer products.
  2. All lectures and learning materials can be found on the internet.
  3. There is a widely believed perception that engineering is for boys.
  4. It is important for scientists to publish their research.

Here are some PTE tools to help you study better:

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