How I got PTE 88

Karmina, one of our MAGIC students, was able to achieve PTE overall 88 with Listening 90, Reading 81, Speaking 90 and Writing 90 after learning the tips and strategies from PTE MAGIC.

PTE Magic-79+ Success Story

Today, let’s watch her success story on PTE MAGIC International Facebook page and learn her tips .


I try my best to follow and stick to the PTE MAGIC study plan and checklist.

I printed the repeated questions file. I made sure that every morning from Monday to Friday I read all the Repeat Sentence and every night I read all the Write From Dictation from the repeated questions to be familiarized with them.

Aside from reading the Repeat Sentence and Write From Dictation, I practiced at least 30 RS and WFD on the PTE MAGIC platform with AI scoring since I couldn’t do 100 each because I got home late from work.

Every night, I spent at least 2 hours studying on the platform doing all the 4 components. Since I struggled with the reading section, I focused on reorder paragraph and RW-FIB. I timed myself for 3 minutes per question, so I would be familiarized with how long I should spend on each question. I also googled the meaning of some words that I didn’t understand from the FIB.

For speaking, I did this part with a loud voice to get used to speaking clearly and loudly for the exam. Everyday, I practiced Describe Image with line graph, bar graph, an image and a life cycle/process.

On weekends, I completely followed the study plan which was:

-RL & SST- 10 each

-RS & WFD- 100 each

-FIB (R&W, R)- 30; RO- 10

-SWT-5, Essay-1

1 week before the exam. I read the predicted questions.

For speaking:

 I read ALL the repeat sentence, answer short questions, and I went over all the Describe Image in that file and I practiced describing them.

For reading:

 I went over the reorder paragraph and analyzed why they were arranged in a certain way. I also went over the R&W FIB to be familiarized with them.

For listening:

 I read ALL the Write From Dictation.


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Last updated on 28/02/2021

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