4 Smart Steps to Solve PTE Multiple Choice Single Answer

The PTE Multiple Choice Single Answer (MCSA) is the final section of the Reading section. Because candidates have spent a lot of time on the previous Reading sections, especially Drag and Drop, they will not have much time to complete the Multiple Choice Single Answer. Let PTE MAGIC guide you to win Multiple Choice Single Answer (MCSA) with 4 smart steps.

Now let’s go to these amazing tips that are already listed down for you:

🌟 Step 1: Read the question and answer

– By reading the question and answer, you will get a clear idea, keywords about what you need to find in the text.

– When reading the question, determine for yourself: What is the SUBJECT or PROBLEM talked about in the article?

🌟 Step 2: Skim through the text looking for the right answer

– You have limited time to take the PTE exam, so read only what you need to know in order to do the task. It is a good idea to read the first sentence of a short paragraph only. In longer paragraphs, read the first and last sentences. This technique is called ‘skim-reading’.

– Do not read word for word, do not stop if there are words you do not know, and ignore any information you do not need. You can also use the text style or formatting to help you. Sometimes, numbers, uppercase letters, italics, bold print within a text can help you locate the information you want.

🌟 Step 3: Analyze your options carefully

– The answers in the MCSA section are usually obvious.

– However, attention should be paid to negative parts (NOT), words expressing personal thinking.

– Because the correct answer of the Multiple Choice Single Answer test is often “neutral”.

🌟 Step 4: Pay attention to time management

– Be sure to not devote more than 2 minutes to this question type. Create a habit to “spend no more than 2 minutes for each question” throughout the practice.

– Make sure to allocate enough time to complete all the questions in the test.

Now that you have got enough PTE reading test material and understood the question types properly. You should keep these PTE reading tips in your mind and practice these appropriately before you take the test.

🌟 PTE MAGIC always stand by you and supports you!

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