PTE Reading Reorder Paragraph: Practice Tips & Tricks

PTE Re-order Paragraphs Tips to Master the Test

There is a type of question that is difficult to find in other academic tests, and that is the Reorder Paragraphs task. 

To get an excellent score in question, it demand a keen understanding of sentence structures and coherence. Mastering this aspect can significantly boost your overall score. 

In this blog, PTE Magic will get into the overview of this task and provide you with some valuable Reorder paragraphs PTE tips

Let’s keep reading to discover more!


Overview of the PTE Reorder Paragraphs

PTE Re-order Paragraphs Tips to Master the Test

About PTE Reorder Paragraphs

The Reorder Paragraphs task in the PTE assesses your ability to comprehend and organize information effectively. This section evaluates your skills in understanding the logical flow of ideas within a text.

It will provide you with a list of 4-5 sentences that are not in logical order. Each of them can contain up to 50 words. You are required to rearrange them to form a coherent and structured passage.

On the screen, you will see two boxes including “source” and “target”. To move a particular sentence, you can click, drag, and then drop it in the right place in the target box.

This requires not only a strong grasp of grammar and vocabulary but also a strategic approach to discerning the logical sequence of ideas.

In the Reading section, you can encounter this question 2-3 times.

How is PTE Reorder Paragraph scores?

PTE Reorder Paragraphs contribute to your overall scores in the Reading section significantly. With every correct sequence pair, you will gain one point. 

For example, there are 5 single paragraphs including A, B, C, D, and E. The right order is B-D-E-A-C. You will gain 1 point for every right pair such as BD-DE-EA-AC

If your final order is BDCAE, the right pairs at this time are BD and AE, and you will gain 2 marks.

In case your answer is B-E-A-C-D, you will not receive any points although passage B is in the right place.

There are no negative marks for this question so you don’t need to be too cautious. Even when you are not sure about the answer, make it randomly.


7 Effective Tips to Improve Reorder Paragraph Scores

Having an appropriate strategy to approach the Re-order Paragraph task can make it easier to overcome this question. Below are 7 valuable tips you can try applying.

Tip #1: Understand the theme

Before diving into rearranging sentences, you should grasp the overarching theme of the passage. Identifying the main idea and considering how each sentence contributes to the overall passage will make it easier to arrange the rest sentences in the correct order.

This initial understanding will serve as your compass while organizing the paragraphs. 

Tip #2: Identify the first sentence

The first sentence is always the most important when you take this question. Identifying the opening sentence can help you have an anchor point to find the next one. 

You can do this based on its meaning, which is usually introductive. In addition, the first sentence usually stands alone, without supporting ideas. It hardly starts with a transitional phase such as However, Furthermore, Additionally,… 

However, once you identify the first phase wrong, it can lead you to be extremely confused so you should be careful.

Tip #3: Find clues via transition words

Transition words are an effective clue you can base on to find the right order. Transitional phrases act as signposts in a passage, guiding the reader from one idea to the next. 

Utilizing these cues can establish the logical connections between sentences. By that, you can deduct the right order of the sentences.

Recognize words like “however,” “moreover,” or “in contrast” as they indicate shifts in the flow of information. These words hardly appear as an opening phase so the sentences containing them will not be the first sentence. 

“Firstly”, and “Secondly” usually are used to begin an idea. “However” reflects a supporting idea. “As a sequence” or “ as a result” describes the reasons-result relationship.

Tip #4: Look for timing clues

Time period can appear in some sentences. It usually has been in chronological order. Therefore, you can look at this to arrange the provided sentences, making up a meaningful passage. 

Sometimes, the right sentences can follow the same with the flow of time, from the past to the present.

However, there are some exceptions that the writer does write in a chronological timeline. You need to read carefully and identify the connection between sentences to rearrange them.

For example, several timelines can appear such as the 1990s, the year 2000, 2005,… It does not mean that a sentence containing 1990s appears first, after that is a sentence mentioning the year 2000, and the last is the year 2005 part.

The writer can describe the present, then back to the past, and predict the future. Therefore, don’t lose track, be focused on content as well.

Tip #5: Practice with mock tests

Practicing always is the most efficient way to enhance your score. Nowadays, there are many PTE simulation platforms you can try to get close to the actual tests.

If you have not chosen any websites/apps, PTE Magic is a consideration choice for you. This is a free platform that allows you to try mock tests almost 100% the same as the actual tests. You will experience time pressure, types of questions, and a test-taker interface similar to the actual one. 

Besides approaching the newest test and practice materials, in PTE Magic, your result and practice process will be recorded and analyzed by AI. 

With this advance, your strengths and your weaknesses can be reflected clearly. Based on it, you can design the most suitable practice route to gain your dream score in the PTE test.

Tip #6: Time management

The Reorder Paragraphs task is a race against the clock so it is better if you practice to utilize and allocate the time efficiently. 

In case you find it hard to complete a particular question, you can make a guess and leave it apart to come back later if you have enough time. Being stuck in a question is not wise in this situation, which can cause you to lose more points.

Develop a strategy that allows you to quickly assess the relationships between sentences without sacrificing accuracy.

Tip #7: Take time to review

Don’t forget to allocate time for a thorough review of your reordered paragraphs. It is not all the time that you can make sure about your answer. In case you are confused about something, take time to look back. You can change your answer if you find it has more potential than the original.

However, you should consider carefully before making any changes. It is really regretful if you replace the right answer with the wrong one.

The Most Repeated Reorder Paragraphs in PTE Test

While the PTE is known for its variability, certain patterns emerge in the Reorder Paragraphs task. Being familiar with the most repeated paragraphs can help you accomplish this task easier.

Below are some popular paragraphs in this question, let’s take a look

Inequality in education

  1. Nevertheless, there is significant variation in the extent of comprehensiveness within legislative and policy frameworks.
  2. Conversely, it is flexible to frame gender equality in diverse manners, which can focus on one or more concepts linking to this term
  3. In many European countries, people are worried about the gender inequality in education
  4. On the other hand, there are many differences in the extent to which gender equality concepts are integrated into different legislative acts.

The Central bank

  1. In 1695, when this bank was established, Scottish money was faced with inefficient supply, and under-valued when compared to English, Dutch, Flemish, or French coins.
  2. In most nations, only the government, via their central bank, has the right to issue money.
  3. The Bank of Scotland was the first Scottish bank to do this.
  4. However, in Scotland, three banks can still make banknotes.
  5. To handle the increase in trade, it was thought necessary to resolve the problem of not having enough good money.

Sydney fireworks

  1.  The bridge will transform into a canvas showcasing the Welcome to Country ceremony at 8:40 pm.
  2. After the sun sets for the final time in 2015, fireworks and special effects, including a red “waterfall” from the base of the bridge, will make the structure constructed in 1932 look like a huge Aboriginal flag.
  3. Before the fireworks display at 9 pm, fireworks and special effects will also make the bridge turn into a massive Aboriginal flag.
  4. Rhoda Roberts, the creative director of the Welcome to Country event, explained, “It’s about how the harbor and its surroundings impact all of us, how special it is to everyone, and how it evokes emotions in us.”

Chimpanzees language

  1. Unlike humans, chimpanzees can not speak because their vocal cords are higher in their throats and not as easily controlled as people.
  2. However, chimpanzees have a shortage of speech does not mean that they are incapable of language, like human grammar.
  3. The chimpanzee, sharing 98.4% of the human genetic code, stands out as a potential candidate for such a species.
  4. If chimpanzees could use grammar without relying on their voices, they might be able to learn and communicate. Sign language is an outstanding option.
  5. To refute the Innateness Hypothesis, which is called by linguists, it can demonstrate that other species can speak but have chosen not to develop speech for some reasons.

Web security

  1.  At the entrance of a California internet search company, computer screens show lists of words people are typing into the company’s search engine.
  2. In the last year, a series of privacy issues and government attempts to access users’ online histories, combined with mergers among online search and advertising groups, have brought the topic of internet privacy into the spotlight.
  3. This poses a challenge for internet search companies that have created a multi-billion dollar industry by using user information for targeted advertising.
  4. Even though the system claims to filter out scandalous or compromising searches, the fact that a portion of searches can be seen by visitors to the biggest search company might surprise users who believe their web browsing is private.
  5. However, everything can be changed.


In conclusion, achieving a high score on the Reorder Paragraphs task requires a combination of linguistic proficiency, critical thinking, and strategic planning.

By understanding the task’s overview, implementing key tips, and getting the most repeated prompts, you can enhance your performance in this challenging section. 

However, remember that practice is key, so dedicate time to honing your skills to conquer this task better.

Last updated on 14/12/2023

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