PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer: Overview & Tips

pte reading multiple choice single answer

Taking the PTE exam requires a comprehensive understanding of every section’s intricacies and mature linguistics skills. In this blog, let’s focus on a pivotal but challenging segment – PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer.

This guide by PTE Magic aims to equip you with the tools needed to navigate this harsh obstacle by providing an overview of this question and revealing effective strategies and actionable tips to improve your results.

Now, let’s take a closer look.


Overview of PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer

pte reading multiple choice single answer

The PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer is considered a litmus test for your reading comprehension skills. It assesses your ability to assimilate information from diverse texts and make accurate decisions within a limited timeframe.

To be more specific, in this task, you will see a passage on the screen and a question with a list of options respectively. Your task is to choose the best answer among the provided options. 

The passage’s topic can be quite broad, ranging from academic papers to general interest articles. It contains up to 300 words. There is not a fixed number of possible options to choose from, but it’s usually about 4-6 options. Only one of them is the right answer. 

You will gain one point for every correct answer. Negative marks are not applied to this task so you don’t need to be too cautious.

You can encounter this question 2 to 3 times per Reading test. It is not a too hard section so it is best if you can achieve the maximum score for this task.

5 Tips To Improve PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer 

To get your dream score on the PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer, it is necessary to have some effective tips and approach this task in the right way. Below are 5 tips you can try to get your target.

Efficient scanning and skimming techniques

In the PTE Reading section, you have a limited time to finish all the given questions. Therefore, you should apply scanning and skimming techniques smoothly to utilize your time budget.

Develop a systematic approach to skim through the text swiftly while retaining essential information. In addition, you need to focus on headings, topic sentences, and keywords to streamline your search for the correct answer. By using skimming, you can grasp the overall meaning of the passage without being time-consuming.

With scanning, you need to apply it to find a specific detail, which is crucial for identifying the correct answer.

Mastering these two skills can make it easier to conquer the PTE Reading task. 

Guess the answer

In this circumstance, “guess the answer” means that you can predict the option based on the provided clues in the passage. It is possible to elevate your performance by cultivating the art of anticipation. 

Before delving into the answer choices, let’s strive to predict the correct response based on your understanding of the passage. This proactive approach can accelerate the decision-making process and sharpen your analytical skills as well.

Train your mind to anticipate the type of information the question seeks, allowing you to filter out irrelevant options swiftly. This method not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of falling into the trap of distractors.

In addition, if you find it hard to choose the final answer, you can make a guess logically, based on the passage’s idea. 

There are no negative marks on this task so you should leave any questions.

Eliminate the wrong answer

The process of elimination is a powerful tool to get a high score on this task. Once you’ve scanned the text and understood the question, you can use the elimination technique to exclude incorrect options.

It will narrow down your choices by ruling out answers that do not align with the information presented in the passage.

Eliminating precisely can increase the rate of choosing the correct answer. Moreover, it also reinforces your understanding of the passage and saves time as well. In general, Using the eliminating technique can improve your performance efficiently.

Enhance vocabulary range

A robust vocabulary is indispensable for decoding complex texts and accomplishing the harsh questions. Invest time in continuous vocabulary enhancement by exposing yourself to diverse reading materials. 

To enhance your vocabulary range, you can make a habit of reading regularly. You can start with what you like first, such as newspapers, magazines, novels, and so on However, words in these materials can be quite formal, which is different from academic vocabulary in the PTE Reading test.

Therefore, it is better if you can delve into academic articles that challenge and broaden your lexical repertoire. Through academic materials. you can get closest to the vocabulary in the PTE test.

Practice day by day

To conquer the PTE Reading section, practicing is a dispensable factor. Remember that practice makes perfect. Therefore, it is better if you always spend time practicing regularly.  

The simulation tests platform will be the best option for you to try the closest question with the actual one. PTE Magic can be a bright candidate for it.
In PTE Magic, you will experience the questions, interface, and time pressure which is almost 100% similar to the actual tests.

In addition, after every test, AI technology will analyze your results to find your weaknesses and strengths. Based on that, we will offer a suitable practice calendar by which, you can improve your score obviously.


Mastering the PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer section is a journey that demands a blend of strategic thinking, efficient techniques, and continuous improvement of linguistic skills.

Don’t forget to implement these five tips into your preparation routine to enhance your performance. 

The PTE Reading section is not just a test of knowledge; it’s a testament to your ability to navigate through information efficiently. By embracing these tips, you are not merely preparing for an exam; you are cultivating skills that will serve you well beyond the PTE testing room. 

Last updated on 20/12/2023

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