Can You Really Prepare For the PTE Test In Just 2 Weeks?

Can You Really Prepare For the PTE Test In Just 2 Weeks

Preparing for the PTE test is a pivotal step to gaining a significant record for the test. However, not everybody has enough time to do this. They only have a short time to prepare, only 2 weeks for example. 

So, is 2 weeks enough to prepare for the PTE test? And how can you accomplish it well? Let’s find the answer in this blog by PTE Magic.

Is 2 weeks enough to prepare for the PTE test?

The answer is absolutely YES, but you need to make the right way and it is also based on your current score and expectation.

For example, if you even have not reached 50 first but want to get 65+ or 70+ in two weeks, it’s mostly impossible. The mission can be done only when your starting point and your target are not too far.

There are several things you must do first if you want to keep track, including:

  • Determine your level first: Knowing who you are will be the first step you need to be done. This will help you build a proper strategy to approach the test.
  • Identify your target: After understanding yourself, you need to know what you are aiming for. By getting the first and the last point, you can draw the nearest and most effective road to gain your target.
  • Make a detailed plan: This is the last step for a well-prepared. From the above factors, you should design a suitable plan to achieve your dream score. It is better if you make it as detailed as possible.

How can you prepare for the PTE test in 2 weeks?

Can You Really Prepare For the PTE Test In Just 2 Weeks

Many people would know what they have (their original level) and what they want (their target), but the last step – making a detailed plan can be a challenge. This phase can be different based on the initial competence and target of each candidate so it is really hard to make a sample plan which is suitable for all the candidates. 

However, there are some general tips you can refer to. Many learners find it useful and apply it successfully.

Understanding the test format and criteria thoroughly

Before diving into preparation, it’s imperative to get the structure of the PTE test format. Familiarize yourself with the four main sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, Listening, and Writing. It will help you have a proper approach.

In addition, it is necessary to know the scoring system for each section. By this, you can know what you should focus on when preparing.

In general, understanding the test is a crucial stepping stone to reach your target score in the PTE test.

Take the mock tests

Mock tests would be the best way to understand yourself. By taking the test, you can know your strengths and weaknesses clearly and then hone your skills effectively. 

However, remember to do it wisely. It doesn’t mean that you should take the tests over and over. It is better if you carefully review the result after finishing one. Try to understand why your choices are wrong and explain each exact answer. In this way, you can deeply understand all the questions, and then hone your skills gradually.

While finding mock test resources, remember to look for those that have a detailed explanation, PTE Magic for example – where your result can even be analyzed by AI and generate a specific practice plan for every student. 

We also provide a question bank for learners, where you can approach the newest and most closely questions with the actual one. More special, you can access it free, check it out now!

Besides understanding yourself, taking the mock test would be the ideal way to practice your mental status. It is really for a candidate to keep calm and 100% focused on the test. Timing pressure and personal expectations can be a huge burden on your mind. 

There is only one solution to this problem – you have to be familiar with the exam atmosphere and tension. Mock tests, which contain almost the same factors as the actual one will be the ideal choice to practice.

It will maximize the efficiency when you try to simulate the actual test condition such as using headphones, complying exactly with testing time, and considering it as the actual one. 

Widen vocabulary range

Vocabulary plays a pivotal role in your test, including four parts of it overall. Therefore, let’s dedicate time every day to expanding your vocabulary. There are so many ways you can try to make it easier to learn such as utilizing vocabulary lists, using flashcards, and so on. 

You can learn via many online resources as well, such as newspapers, movies, or official PTE materials. Each has its pros and cons, you only need to choose one that fits with you or even combine all if you want, as long as you find it useful.

In addition, it is better if you try to practice using these words in context through reading, writing, and speaking exercises to understand them better.

Building a strong vocabulary will significantly enhance your performance in all sections of the PTE test. 

Improve grammar and sentence structure

After vocabulary, grammar is the next factor you need to notice. It is like a skeleton from which you can increase your score effectively. 

Try to work on improving your grammar and sentence structure through targeted practice exercises or reading academic materials. Remember to review grammar rules and common grammatical errors, and practice using them in different contexts as well to deeply understand them. 

Some factors seem to be tiny but really important in fact, punctuation for example. You should pay attention to them unless you can make basic mistakes in your sentences.

In general, consistent practice will help you communicate more effectively in both written and spoken English.

Allocate time to hone all skills

When designing a practice schedule, remember to allocate time for each skill suitably. You can master a skill than the other, but it does not mean that you can ignore it and only focus on your weaknesses.

Lacking of practice can make a strength become a weakness at times. Therefore, it is better if you practice all of them. You can take more time on the skills you find hard and less time on the ones you’re confident in. 

To hone your skills, there are some tips you try:

  • For speaking skill

Record your voice when speaking on various topics and listen back to identify areas for improvement. Remember to pay attention to clarity, fluency, and intonation. You should practice speaking spontaneously and responding to different types of prompts to build confidence in your speaking abilities. 

To maintain fluency, you can try to talk with yourself. This method means that you should try to talk about any topic springing to your mind. Speaking content can be not related as long as you can keep the fluency. 

Regarding pronunciation and accent, there is a popular method you can apply – shadowing. It describes the action you imitate the speaker’s speech right after they speak. In this way, you can improve your pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, and overall speaking fluency in English.

  • For listening skill

You can practice this by listening to a variety of English accents and audio recordings, trying to understand the main ideas, supporting details, and tone of the speakers.

It is better if you use practice materials specifically designed for the PTE test to familiarize yourself with the types of listening tasks you’ll encounter on test day.

However, to improve your listening naturally, you should listen to what you like such as music, podcasts, talk shows,… It might be more effective and easier to approach daily. 

  • For reading skill

Spend time each day practicing reading comprehension exercises with a variety of texts, including articles, essays, and academic passages. 

During that process, let’s try to identify the main ideas, supporting details, and implied meanings. It will make you familiar with the actual test and gradually improve your reading skills.

In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to vocabulary in context and practice inferencing skills as well to enhance your overall comprehension.

  • For writing skill

Set aside time for regular writing practice, focusing on essay writing and summarization skills. You should try to practice writing essays on different topics, ensuring that you follow a clear structure with well-developed arguments and supporting evidence. 

But for this skill, you should find a mentor to review your paperwork. It’s so hard to improve your writing skills without feedback. You wouldn’t know why your writing is not good and how you can fix it.

If it is too hard to find a mentor in real life, you can choose a practice platform that analyzes and gives feedback online like PTE Magic.

In addition, we also provide online courses for people who find it hard to learn by themselves. Via these courses, you can reach out to the newest questions, receive feedback from experienced trainers, and get useful templates for the writing and speaking part. 


Above is what we share about the way you can prepare for the PTE test in 2 weeks. By following this practice guide, you can make significant progress in just two weeks and increase your chances of success on the PTE test. Hope it helps!

Last updated on 01/04/2024

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